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Best Gourmet Food Trucks In Los Angeles

August 25, 2010 1:03 PM

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Wagyu Beef from Vizzie Truck. (credit: Arianna Armstrong)

Wagyu Beef from Vizzie Truck. (credit: Arianna Armstrong)

vizzie truck wagyu beef 2 h Best Gourmet Food Trucks In Los Angeles

Wagyu Beef from Vizzi Truck. (credit: Arianna Armstrong)

Fleets of gourmet food trucks have taken over – one hungry and adventurous eater at a time. In Los Angeles the trend is stronger than ever, and the popular support has helped an increasing number of budding chefs get creative with cuisine. This is the age of fine dining in take-out boxes; and this list is the best gastro-whizzes on wheels. We’re unable to post addresses because these restaurants stay mobile. Follow their Facebook updates and Twitter feeds for daily location schedules. – Arianna Armstrong

cart for a cause truck 2 Best Gourmet Food Trucks In Los Angeles

The Cart For A Cause Truck. (credit: Arianna Armstrong)

Cart For A Cause

Twitter: @CartForACause


Cart for a Cause is a joint venture, pairing St. Vincent’s Meals on Wheels with some of Los Angeles’ most celebrated chefs. For every meal purchased from Cart for a Cause, Meals on Wheels provides a meal to a hungry person in need. If the one-to-one ratio of gastronomic philanthropy isn’t awesome enough, each Cart for a Cause meal is created by a top-tier chef. You might recognize names like Joe Miller, Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook, Susan Feniger and Jean Francois Meteigner; these chefs have all received accolades for their restaurants. If none of the names sound familiar (and even if they do), it’s time to visit the Cart for a Cause truck to acquaint yourself with some of LA’s restaurant royalty – you will be supporting a vital charity with your lunch money.

zach cool haus 2 Best Gourmet Food Trucks In Los Angeles

A fan enjoys the Cool Haus ice cream sandwich. (credit: Arianna Armstrong)

Cool Haus Ice Cream

Twitter: @COOLHAUS


It’s not just ice cream – they’re gourmet, architecturally-inspired, made-to-order ice cream sandwiches. The Cool Haus truck serves artisanal desserts, crafted from ingredients like bacon, blood orange, Lambrusco, mascarpone cheese and black truffle. Decadent, creamy and a food-lovers dream, Cool Haus is keeping it classy (and architecturally interesting) on the streets of LA.

flying pig tacos Best Gourmet Food Trucks In Los Angeles

Flying Pig Tacos. (credit: Arianna Armstrong)

Flying Pig Truck

Twitter: @FlyingPigTruck


Are you one of those people who swears they’ll eat food from a truck when pigs fly? Well get out your knife and fork, my friend, because this is gonna blow your mind. The Flying Pig truck cooks up a blend of Asian, Hawaiian and French flavors, served (for the most part) in a taco. Peanut Butter Carnitas, Tamarind Duck and pork belly bun are just a some of the out-of-this-world items you’ll find here, cooked and served by classically trained chefs from the California School of Culinary Arts, Cordon Bleu program. Still not ready to route through the LA streets for this truffle? Like many trucks, the Flying Pig should soon spin into a stand-alone brick-and-mortar shop soon.

vizzie truck Best Gourmet Food Trucks In Los Angeles

The Vizzi truck. (credit: Arianna Armstrong)

Vizzi Truck

Twitter: @VizziTruck


When was the last time you ordered white truffle Piadina (white cheddar, brie and baby Danish potatoes in browned butter and roasted garlic, with truffle oil), from a truck? Thankfully, the Vizzi Truck now makes it possible. Truffles and brie not your bag? How about Wagyu beef or organic chickpea sliders? Or maybe Black Skillet Jidori chicken and Broccoli with an heirloom tomato salad on the side? Is the Vizzi Truck visionary? Yes. And it’s delicious, too.

world fare bus 1 Best Gourmet Food Trucks In Los Angeles

The World Fare Bus. (credit: Arianna Armstrong)

World Fare Bus

Twitter: @worldfare


“Taste the love, love the taste,” is the motto for this once-double-decker-bus-turned-restaurant. Two stories of gastronummyness, World Fare Bus is the food baby of Chef Andi – a veteran of Michael Mina’s and Gordon Ramsey’s haute kitchens. Chef Andi’s menu specializes in “bunnies,” a take on the South African streetfood made from small, hollowed-out loaves of bread. World Fare bunnies feature Piedmontese beef, jidori organic chicken and farmers market vegetables, and even include specialty drinks and desserts.

Arianna Armstrong is a freelance food and wine writer who eats, drinks and sleeps in Los Angeles. You can read more about her delicious escapades at, and

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