Best Gifts For Pets In Los Angeles

December 7, 2012 6:00 AM

(credit: Three Dog Bakery)

three dog bakery header Best Gifts For Pets In Los Angeles

(credit: Three Dog Bakery)

It’s that time of year; you’re once again obligated to shop for even distant cousins you don’t know that well. While you’re out snagging the latest generic cologne and scarf sets, take care of that furry little someone in your life. This winter make sure your four-legged animal friends enjoy the holidays by giving them something they’ll love, even if it’s fleeting. The following stores have your furry friend’s best interests at heart with incredible gift items and services that pamper your pet this holiday season.

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Bird House & Dog House
5742 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601
(818) 799-4269

This fun pet store in North Hollywood is an animal lover and pet’s favorite. Expect courteous staff that loves animals, offering services and products for dogs, birds, cats, hamsters and other small animals. Not only will you find nutritious brands of foods for your four-legged friends, but the animals visiting the store aren’t just bathed and styled, they’re pampered with playtime with friendly staff. Snag a new home, adorable outfits, blankets, chew toys, snacks and grooming tools, even hair color. Here, your pet can come in with gray, brown, even black fur, and leave pink. Make it an especially giving season, taking home a new companion by adopting one of the rescued animals.

three dog bakery Best Gifts For Pets In Los Angeles

(credit: Three Dog Bakery)

Three Dog Bakery
6333 W. 3rd St. 710
Los Angeles CA 90036
(323) 935-7512

This bakery carries celebration cakes that look exactly like a human’s birthday cake, but taste pretty heavenly to your pets. Some are shaped like dog bones for a more traditional feel and are covered in frosting. You can even request to have a personalized message on top of the cake. Purchase pupcakes, RRRrribs cookies, carrot cake and snickerpoodles as well. Pets will enjoy shopping at Three Dog Bakery: Your dog is welcome to go in the store with you to sniff out his or her own items. Another great reason to buy your best friend a gift here is that Three Dog Bakery offers foods that are healthy. Come here regularly to snag organic, baked dog food made without sugar, salt, preservatives, additives, artificial colors, flavors or  butter. Other gift selections include a huge assortment of accessories such as furry squeaky animal toys, balls, toys, fancy leashes and plush collars. To top it off, Three Dog Bakery caters doggie events including weddings, birthdays, and spay and neuter parties.

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Paw Boutique
537S. Raymond Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91105
(626) 396-1136

Paw Boutique is the store in Pasadena to shop at if you want your pet to eat healthy. It carries name-brand foods for both cats and dogs, including Wellness, Solid Gold, California Natural and Natural Balance. Paw Boutique carries jerky treats, freeze-dried treats, cookies and other fun food choices as well as pet toothbrushes, dishes, pet travel gear, and spa and bath items. Paw Boutique has you covered this winter with cozy beds, fluffy animals to lay on and warm blankets.

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Franklin Cat Furniture
6615 Franklin Ave., Suite 217
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323) 952-3049

Franklin Cat Furniture promises plenty of houses to keep your cats happy all winter long. Choose from myriad pieces to build a custom house for your cat. Browse selections including the Hollywood Franklin Tower, The Cabana, Mulholland Franklin Hideaway, Santa Monica Franklin Promenade and a new design called the Palisades Franklin Bungalow. What makes these creations so special is that they were designed with your cat’s interest in mind. Let the cats go nuts this holiday season on a cat tree shaped like a spiral staircase, or snag a tube or two with relaxing pillows for kitties to cuddle. Franklin’s created an innovative walkway system that attaches to bookshelves so cats can move easily to their favorite resting places.

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Woof Dog House
3172 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 661-7722

Woof Dog House features precious holiday-themed gifts for your canine friends. Purchase bakery items including cookies cut in shapes such as Santa Claus and your favorite breed of dog. There are even lollipops and cakes to choose from. Deck the pup out in Rudolph’s antlers or mini holiday hats. Snag hard-to-find items such as dog hair accessories here as well. For a treat to keep your dog looking and feeling its best take it into store for a day enjoying a soak bath, nail clipping, ear cleaning, shampoo, blow dry and brushing. Shop couture clothing so your pal can leave the house in style with knit sweaters, jackets with fur trim, glasses, top hats, wigs, underwear, beanies, socks, shoes and ties. If that does not make a statement, then the huge selection of artistic collars and harnesses will set your pet apart.

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