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Best Dog Parks In LA And OC

December 19, 2014 5:47 AM

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dog park top Best Dog Parks In LA And OC

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Not all Southern California dog owners are like Jamie Lee Curtis in “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”. Sure, they love their dogs, but what’s different is that many – if not most – don’t really carry their dogs around in designer bags. In fact, they actually like to let them run around! For a good time for both owner and pooch, take your furry friend to the many city, county and state dog parks throughout L.A. and Orange County. Here are a few favorites:

last Best Dog Parks In LA And OC
Alice Frost Kennedy Dog Park
Within Vina Vieja Park
3026 E Orange Grove Boulevard
Pasadena, CA 91107
(626) 744-7275

Known affectionately as Alice’s Dog Park, this park has 2 ½ acres of off-leash space for large dogs and a one-acre grassy space for small dogs and dogs with special needs. Offering water, benches and lots of friendly dogs in an area, the hilly park is protected by a double fence ensuring your dog won’t run off. Visitors also like that there are tennis balls and toys around for the dogs to play with – equaling a good time for pooch and parent alike.

dog park3 Best Dog Parks In LA And OC
Runyon Canyon Dog Park
2000 North Fuller
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 666-5046

The name of this park always puts the image of dogs running. And that’s exactly what happens at this 160-acre park, which has 90 acres of off-leash dog park area. Set on a steep hill offering stunning views of Los Angeles, the hiking trail makes this park popular with those looking for a workout for themselves – as well as their dogs. There is also a kids park, too (no dogs are allowed there.) But look out! You just might spot a celebrity or two here, too.

dog park4 Best Dog Parks In LA And OC
Silverlake Dog Park
1850 W Silver Lake Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(323) 644-3946

A massive regional park offering 1.25 acres of off-leash dog park areas, Silverlake Dog Park lies in the heart of Los Angeles and has separate areas for each big and small dogs, which the visitors love. Near the Silver Lake Reservoir, the park offers great views too.

dogpark5 Best Dog Parks In LA And OC
Sepulveda Basin Off-Leash Dog Park
17550 Victory Blvd.
Encino, CA 91406
(818) 756-7667

Found within the South Valley, the Sepulveda Basin Off-Leash Dog Park offers five acres of off-leash areas and separate areas for each small and timid dogs. Additionally, the park features plenty of grassy area – perfect for throwing the ball for your dog – as well as shady spots and water spigots with drinking bowls for the dogs. The park also has picnic tables for the humans to rest while the pups play.

dogpark6 Best Dog Parks In LA And OC
Fullerton Pooch Park
201 South Basque Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92833
(714) 738-6575

Offering 3 distinct areas (one for small dogs under 25 pounds, another “wood chip” area for all dogs, and a big dog area), toys and pup-friends are plentiful here, as is the space to run around – making it fun for the doggies. Making for a great place to wear out the pooch and make some new friends, pup parents like this park because it’s not only clean but the people are friendly too. A warning: this park can be hard to find, and is closed on Wednesdays.

dogpark7 Best Dog Parks In LA And OC
Huntington Dog Beach
100 Goldenwest Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
(714) 841-8644

As an important part of the Huntington Beach community, the park is actually a non-profit organization that depends on the donations of its “fans” to stay open. And the fans are supportive – via direct donations, fundraising events, t-shirts and more. The community support results in this one-mile-plus stretch of sand being made available for off-leash dog frolicking. The beach area offers dog bags a-plenty, and is cleaned daily by staff and volunteers. All in all, it’s a great place for two- and four-legged lovers of surf, sand, and sun to have fun.

dogpark8 Best Dog Parks In LA And OC
Laguna Beach Dog Park
20672 Laguna Canyon Road
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
(949) 910-9947

With lush grass and beautiful views, the Laguna Beach Dog Park is a doggie parent favorite. Small dogs frolic freely in their own space away from where the bigger dogs run and play, and it’s known for its great expanse of grassy area, and foliage that’s great for exploring. The people are friendly and responsible too. An added plus? The park is supported by a non-profit organization- Friends of Laguna Beach Dog Park – that also supports responsible pet ownership education and local dog rescue organizations.

dogpark1 Best Dog Parks In LA And OC
Yorba Park
7600 E. La Palma
Anaheim, CA 92807
(714) 973-6615

Adjacent to the Santa Ana River in Anaheim, Yorba Park offers scenery, picnic areas and a great deal of serenity. While dogs are permitted only on their leash, dog-parents like that the park offers baggies along the path in case you forgot to bring your own. A great place for a walk where you know all the other dogs will be leashed, too – and good to know you can have a barbecue here with friends – and bring your furry friend along.

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  • marge sosa

    You missed San Clemente which has two separate ones for little and big dogs. Friendly folks and expansive area. Corner of La Pata.

    • Robbin Glatman

      you missed Irvine Bark Park…..

  • jacquie

    Also, Irvine has a dog park off of Sand Canyon and the 5.

  • cam

    Huston Park at La Brea & Slauson is NOT AN OFF LEASH PARK… People STOP using this park for TRAINING your dogs!!!!! This is not OJ’s Dog Training Academy!!!!

    • cam sucks

      I will train my dog all i want



  • Common Sense

    I have never seen a dog park more clean and wonderful than the Redondo Beach Dog park on 190th. It’s a public dog park but privately taken care of. I missed it so much when I moved and saw what else is out there.

  • La Chancluda

    You guys forgot the Pacoima hills. Located in The heart of the ghetto. come on yall

  • m ceallaigh

    The Calabasas Bark Park on Las Virgenes, just south of the 101 is also pretty nice. Lots of free parking, plus it’s at a trailhead of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy parkland, with at many miles of trails through beautiful hills. The bark Park is off-leash, but the hiking trails are on-leash only. Also, plenty of rattlesnakes, ticks, and even a few skunks.

  • Please spread the word

    If you travel up to the central coast, DO NOT go to the Douglas Family Preserve in Santa Barbara. It is an off-leash park located up on a bluff 200 ft above the ocean. BUT IT HAS NO FENCES. MANY DOGS DIE EVERY YEAR FROM FALLING OVER THE SIDE!!! We watched 2 labs die on impact a few days ago, it was horrible!

  • Eric Mendoza

    Silver Lake dog park is pretty decent, except for all the dust. someone made a quick video on trip films if u want to check it out first.

  • Pam

    The best dog beach, and the only off-leash dog beach in Los Angeles County, is in Long Beach in Belmont Shore. It’s awesome and so much fun for both the dogs and their owners. You and your pups get to enjoy a nice day at the beach and they just run and jump in the water and have a great time.

    • Rose Reets

      where in Belmont Shore is it? Thanks for your input.

      • Pam

        I was shocked to see what Eric wrote about the dog beach! I have never seen any of the things he says he has! No vatos, no pit bulls, no LBPD! Every time we go, and we go fairly often, it’s always nice, the water has been tested and it’s graded “A”, people are responsible. If you go to Ximeno towards the Belmont Pool and turn left in the parking lot, keep going for a 1/4 mile or so and you’ll see a big sign “Rosie’s Dog Beach”.

  • Mei

    North Hollywood has an off leash dog park too, separate for big and small dogs, off off Oxnard near Cahuenga (west of it). It’s a bit dusty, but only one anywhere near the area!

  • Colleen

    You forgot the only off leash Dog Beach in LA county! Rosie’s Dog Beach on Ocean in Long Beach

    It’s the BEST!!

    • Eric

      It’s not the best! Actually, it might be the worst!! Water pollution. It is small with no fences and if the LBPD find you outside the borders, you can potentially be fined.

      Living in LB myself, I used to go (trying to support LB) but the negatives were way too great. Just too many Vato(a)’s intact Pits, polution and small area.

      And if you heard that the LB Dog Beach is the only dog beach in LA County, you’re wrong!

  • bcb

    For those who are on the westside, there is the Culver City Dog Park also known as “The Boneyard’. Not the nicest but very safe with double gates to ensure your dog’s safety. Also, there is a dog park in Santa Monica adjacent to the Santa Monica Airport.

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