The Amazing Race Casting Call – JULY 17, 2015

amazingrace2015 600x300 The Amazing Race Casting Call   JULY 17, 2015

The Amazing Race Casting Call
sponsored by Crystal Geyser® Alpine Spring Water®

Have you ever envisioned racing around the world, being put to the ultimate test – never knowing where you’ll go next or what you’ll have to do once there? If so, this is the opportunity of a lifetime…it’s The Amazing Race Casting Call sponsored by Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water!

CBS 2 and Crystal Geyser are hosting an Open Call searching for the next Amazing Race duos. We want to know WHO YOU ARE and WHY YOUR TEAM WOULD BE PERFECT FOR THIS RACE and BE CREATIVE!

If you and your teammate can work together to stay ahead of the rest, dodging elimination, and be the first Team to cross the finish line…you could win a cool million dollars!

So come one, come all…it’s a Race to the Finish!

The Amazing Race Open Call Information

Date: Friday, July 17, 2015

Time: 10am – 1pm (line cut-off at 1pm)

Location: CBS Radford Lot (4200 Radford Avenue, Studio City, CA 91604)
Entrance and Parking at GATE B
NOTE: Participants will not be able to enter or line-up before 7am
ONLY AUDITIONERS will be allowed on the lot

Attire: Casual

Open Call Audition Process:
Each applicant must have a teammate, and they must be present at the audition in order to apply and participate in the Open Call. Teammates will be encouraged to creatively express why they should be on The Amazing Race for up to 1 minute on-camera. CBS 2 will submit all eligible on-camera entries. NO APPLICATIONS NEEDED, ONLY ON-CAMERA AUDITION NEEDED FOR SUBMISSION AT OPEN CALL.

Questions to think about for your audition:
• Why would you make a great team to win The Amazing Race?
• What do you hope to improve or change in your current relationship?
• What issues do you need to work on?
• How much have you traveled together?
• What team do you most relate to from past seasons?

Age and Citizenship Requirements:
• Each teammate must be 21 or over at the time of application.
• Each teammate must be a United States citizen and be living in the United States.

Unless applying with a new teammate, those who have previously applied for THE AMAZING RACE but were not selected as a finalist to come to Los Angeles should not re-apply. Semi-finalist interviews will be invited to a Los Angeles location as scheduled by Producers for final interviews. All decisions made by the Producers are final and not subject to review or appeal.

CLICK HERE to download The Amazing Race Eligibility Requirements

The Amazing Race Open Call is sponsored by Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water. While many bottled waters are just purified tap water, Crystal Geyser is Natural Alpine Spring Water bottled right at the mountain source.

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