Tale Of The Tape: Football Tie Vs. Necktie As A Holiday Gift

(credit: Brian Bahr/Getty Images)
(credit: Thinkstock)
  • Highly Anticipated Buildup?
    OH YEAH!
  • Immediate Reaction After Seing It's A Tie?
  • Were You Expecting Something Awesome?
    Potentially, if your team wins. Heck, even a loss would be a resolution.
    Not after 20, but, like, give me a book or something!
  • Angry Thought A Few Minutes Later?
    "I got drunk for nothing!"
    "I guess I'll wear this at work, which is a place I love going to all the time."
  • Slapdash Encouragement From Others?
    "Europeans love soccer, and they tie all the time!"
    "Europeans love ties! They wear them all the time!"
  • Related To Alex Smith's Concussion?
    Pfft. Yes.
IT'S...oh. It's a tie.

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