Whale Rescue

Rope tangled around the fluke of a 20-foot gray whale. (credit: Lars Gustafson/Marine Animal Rescue)

Crew Untangles Rope From Gray Whale’s Fluke

A 20-foot gray whale is now swimming free and unencumbered after a Marine Animal Rescue crew removed a length of rope that was snagged around his tail fins.


(credit: CBS)

Marine Experts To Resume Grey Whale Rescue Wednesday

An operation to rescue a grey whale entangled in a net off the coast of San Clemente has been suspended for the night.


The whale's tail, free of netting after a 24-hour rescue operation. (credit: Mike Johnson)

Whale Caught In 50 Feet Of Netting Rescued By Dana Point Crew

A young California Gray whale whose tail was trapped in 50 feet of netting is now swimming free thanks to the help from a Dana Point whale watching crew.