Venice Production Company Rolls Out Doc About Dangers Of Texting While DrivingSaville Productions made the half-hour documentary "From One Second To The Next - It Can Wait".
Mother Of 3 Files Complaint With Police After Text Death Threat PrankA mother of three has filed a complaint with police after receiving a series of threatening text messages authorities believe are a prank.
US Gov't To Use Text Messaging For Extreme Weather Alerts You could soon start receiving text messages from the U.S. government in response to potential weather emergencies.
Feds Mull Plan To Block Cell Phone Calls While DrivingCiting a death toll of nearly 5,500 people annually, federal transportation officials say they want you to hang up and drive.
CAPS LOCK IS NOT COOL: Office Tech EtiquetteIn the 21st century, it seems wherever we go, we're always wired, and many of us prefer it that way. But just because we have more data at our fingertips doesn't mean we have to flaunt it.
Hackers Work To Save Twitter After Attack Twitter denies that any private user data was compromised in a recent cyber-attack, but hackers say they found a critical flaw in the social networking site's new design.

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