Verizon Wireless, Sprint To Pay $120M To Consumers For Unauthorized Third-Party Mobile ChargesVerizon Wireless and Sprint will pay a total of $120 million to consumers who were the victims of unauthorized third-party charges on their wireless phone bills, under a settlement with the state of California.
Sprint May Face Court Battle Over Alleged Racy Images On Cell PhoneA judge signaled Sprint Corp. could end up in a legal battle over a phone bought from a Pasadena store which allegedly contained pornographic images seen by a minor.
Lawsuit Alleges New Phone Had Nude Images Of Sprint Store EmployeesA lawsuit filed by a Southland father claims a phone he bought for his underage son contained pornographic images of sales representatives from the same Sprint store where he made the purchase.
Alaska Airlines Blames Sprint For Ticketing Computer GlitchA computer glitch at Alaska Airlines Monday forced some flight cancellations into and out of Los Angeles International Airport.
iPhone 5 Orders Topped 2M In 24 hoursOrders for the iPhone 5 topped 2 million in the first 24 hours after Apple started taking them at 12 midnight Pacific time on Friday. That's more than double the amount of iPhone 4S orders on its first full day.
Is Your Cellphone Spying On You?SoCal residents are finding out what they do on their cell phones may not be for their eyes only.
Verizon Wireless Admits To Selling Customers' DataVerizon Wireless has confirmed that it actually sells customers’ information directly to other businesses, including data about where its users live and what Web sites they visit.
Money 101: Anti-'Cramming' TechnologyMike Blecher and Kathleen Dunleavy of Sprint give us a peek into new phone technology that prevents unwanted text messages from being delivered to your phone.

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