Office Depot Defends Employees' Refusal To Make Copies Of Anti-Abortion 'Hate Material'A suburban Chicago woman is accusing Office Depot of religious discrimination, saying employees told her that making copies of an anti-abortion prayer violated company policy.
Teacher Questioned After Putting Religious Message On Public School Marquee"READ, REST, GO TO CHURCH HE IS RISEN!" were the words apparently put up by a teacher in charge of the marquee at Darby Elementary.
Passover Begins At SundownThe home-based holiday celebrates what the Old Testament describes as God’s deliverance of the Israelites from slavery.
Interfaith Religious Leaders Hold Rally To Support 'Occupy' LA At City Hall A diverse group of religious leaders from the Los Angeles interfaith community gave thanks for the "Occupy" movement on Friday.
Ex-Obama Czar, Religious Leaders Rally Public To Ditch Big BanksA former White House official is joining local religious leaders to encourage customers to take their money out of the nation's biggest banks.
Feds Settle Lawsuit Over Walnut Refusal To Build Zen Buddhist Center The federal complaint alleged the city treated the Zen center differently because it was to be the first non-Christian religious center in Walnut.
Torrance Lawmaker's Push To Limit Funeral, Religious Protests Passes SenateThe bill SB 888 requires groups like the Westboro Baptist church to stay 1,000 feet from a burial site, mortuary or place of worship.
'Anti-Mutilation' Group Calls For Santa Monica Ban On Male CircumcisionThe ban, which would even extend to procedures performed for religious purposes, is aimed at supplementing existing California law that prohibits female genital mutilation and extending that protection to young boys.
Sect Leader 'Sorry' For Group's Disappearance In the end, the missing members of a Southland religious sect were found safely praying in a local park, but authorities say this isn't the first time they've been notified about this group.

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