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Appeals Court Refuses To Unseal Prop 8 Trial Videos

A federal appeals court refused Thursday to unseal video recordings of a landmark trial on the constitutionality of California’s same-sex marriage ban but said it needed more time to decide if a lower court judge properly struck down the voter-approved ban.


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LA-Based Gay Rights Group Cleared To Start Getting Signatures To Rescind Prop 8

A gay rights group that wants to repeal the state constitutional amendment that stripped same-sex couples in California of the right to get married has been cleared to start gathering signatures for a measure that would rescind the gay marriage ban known as Proposition 8.


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Ruling In Prop. 8 Battle Allows Appeal To Continue

Both sides of California’s Proposition 8 debate are pleased with a ruling handed down Thursday by the California Supreme Court.


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Attorney: Don’t Let Calif. ‘Veto’ Overrule Voter-Backed Prop. 8

Supporters of a voter-backed measure to ban gay marriages in California argued before the state Supreme Court for the right to appeal a federal ruling overturning the ban.

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California Supreme Court To Hear Gay Marriage Case After Labor Day

California’s highest court says it will hear arguments right after Labor Day on an issue that is likely to prove decisive for the fate of the state’s voter-enacted ban on same-sex marriages.

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Judge’s Ruling To Strike Down Same-Sex Marriage Ban Upheld

A federal judge has upheld a gay judge’s ruling to strike down California’s same-sex marriage ban.

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Group Alleges Conflict Of Interest For Gay Judge In Prop. 8 Battle

Lawyers argue that the judge’s relationship status, not his sexual orientation, gave him too much in common with the couples who successfully sued to overturn the ban in his court.


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Lawyers Ask California To Lift Gay Marriage Ban

A lawsuit filed with a state appellate court comes after the Justice Department says it will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court.

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Calif. Court To Answer Question On Gay Marriage Ban

California’s highest court is wading back into the legal morass surrounding the state’s voter-approved gay marriage ban.


Same-Sex Couples Refused Marriage Licenses

The East Los Angeles County Clerk’s office refused marriage licenses to several same-sex couples who requested them today. The attempt was part of the 10th Annual Marriage Counter Actions, a nationwide effort tied to Valentine’s Day to win support for the repeal of Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act.


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Prop. 8 Decision Goes Back To Calif. Supreme Court

A federal appeals court says it can’t decide if California’s gay marriage ban is constitutional until the state’s highest court first rules on legal standing.

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Gay Marriage Foes Gamble On Round 2

Lawyers for the sponsors of California’s same-sex marriage ban are hoping a federal appeals court won’t mind that they produced only two witnesses during the trial that resulted in Proposition 8 being overturned.


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Court Won’t Force Calif. To Defend Prop 8

A California appellate court won’t order state officials to comply enforce the measure approved by 52 percent of California voters in November 2008.

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Court Puts Same-Sex Marriages On Hold Indefinitely

A federal appeals court put same-sex weddings in California on hold indefinitely Monday while it considers the constitutionality of the state’s gay marriage ban.


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Judge Keeps Gay Marriages On Hold

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A federal judge put gay marriages on hold for at least another six days in California, disappointing dozens of gay couples who lined up outside City Hall hoping to tie the knot […]

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