Credit: Youtube/NOC

Clippers’ Center DeAndre Jordan Busting Pranks On People Of Venice

VENICE ( Clippers’ high flying center has been spending most of his free time busting some pranks at Venice beach. The NOC channel has been producing a series of comical YouTube clips with Jordan, called […]


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Picture Proof: You CAN Fool All of the People, All of the Time

Look at the above closely. Of course,  you see all those nice people lined up for their class photo. (My, such stylish neckties! -Ed.) But a second glance toward the second floor reveals those aren’t […]


(credit: Iliza Shlesinger)

Best April Fool’s Jokes By Comedians

The history of April Fool’s Day is not half as interesting as the practical jokes these comedians have played on their loved ones, and not-so-loved ones.  Forget about the tradition of only playing pranks until […]


(credit: CBS)

UC Irvine Professor Says Radiation Cloud From Japan Is Not Damaging

Professor Charlie Zender from UC Irvine says radiation from the compromised Fukushima Nuclear Plant in northern Japan Is heading for the west coast, and will arrive sometime tomorrow in the late afternoon.