Rep. Darrell Issa (Getty Images)

Millionaire Congressman’s Comments America’s Poor Are ‘Envy’ Of The World Spark Firestorm

Southern California Republican Darrell Issa made the statement to CNN during a sit-down interview on income equality Friday.

CBS2 / KCAL9–05/09/2015

A Congressman from Minnesota wants to establish a Robin Hood tax. (credit RobinHoodTax.org)

Demonstrators Rally Downtown In Favor Of A ‘Robin Hood’ Tax On Wall Street

The proposed tax has yet to gain major support in the House and Senate.



LA Pastors Say Redistricting Plan Would ‘Disenfranchise’ Poor Neighborhoods

A coalition of pastors called on Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Wednesday to veto an approved redistricting plan.

CBS2 / KCAL9–05/23/2012