Police Custody

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San Bernardino DA Gives Jon Stewart Tongue Lashing For Monologue About ‘Deadly’ Deputy Shooting

Dante Parker, from Victorville, died while in Sheriff’s custody in August.


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Hit-And-Run Suspect Allegedly Flees From Police While At Hospital

Authorities say a man accused in a hit-and-run crash in Simi Valley has been captured again after allegedly fleeing a hospital while in police custody.


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Man Dies In Police Custody

Authorities said a man died Friday morning while in the custody of the Montebello Police Department.


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Hollywood Synagogue Burglary, Arson Suspect Already In Police Custody

Authorities say a man suspected of burglarizing a Hollywood synagogue and setting a fire in it is already in custody on unrelated charges.


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Man Dies In Police Custody After Being Shot With Bean Bags, Tasered

Authorities say a partially clothed man died in the custody of Los Angeles police after he was shot with bean bags and a Taser while fighting with officers.