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Palos Verdes Peninsula

Whale spotters have reported an uptick  in gray whale sightings from Dana Point up to Rancho Palos Verdes. (Photo credit: Dale Frink/DolphinSafari.com)

Scientists: Record Number Of Gray Whales Migrating South This Season

A record number of whales are migrating southbound through the waters off the Palos Verdes Peninsula, according to scientists with the American Cetacean Society Los Angeles Gray Whale Census and Behavior Report.



Scenic Views Afford Peace Of Mind Along Palos Verdes Peninsula

A drive along the coast is a perfect way to clear a cluttered mind. A drive along Palos Verdes Peninsula will offer views, attractions and more.


(credit: istockphoto.com)

Family Sells Historic Japanese-American Farm On Portuguese Bend Ranch

A century of Japanese-American farming on the Palos Verdes Peninsula is coming to an end.