Antelope Valley Residents, Gun Reform Advocates Protest Local CongressmanThe group met at Congressman Steve Knight's office because the NRA has given him an A rating in the past.
NRA To Name Oliver North As President Of Influential Gun LobbyOliver North is poised to become president of the National Rifle Association "within a few weeks", the gun rights group announced Monday.
Trump Angers France And Britain With His NRA SpeechUS President Donald Trump took aim at two of America's closest allies in a speech at the NRA convention, saying strict gun laws failed to prevent the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris and highlighting a purported increase in knife violence in London.
NRA Supporters Are Blowing Up Yeti Coolers In Company BoycottGun owners around the country are blowing up expensive coolers after the NRA accused outdoor lifestyle company Yeti of joining a nationwide boycott of the gun-rights organization.
Ted Nugent Calls Parkland Survivors 'Mushy-Brained Children' and 'Soulless' In InterviewNational Rifle Association board member and classic rocker Ted Nugent slammed survivors of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting, calling them "liars" and "poor, mushy-brained children."
NRA Files Lawsuit Over Florida Gun Control LawThe NRA has filed a federal lawsuit over gun control legislation Florida Gov. Rick Scott has signed, saying it violates the Second Amendment.
National Restaurant Association Keeps Getting Mistaken For The National Rifle AssociationMany Americans are reportedly confusing the highly criticized NRA with an organization in the restaurant industry.
Delta Subjected To Retribution In Georgia For Crossing NRARepublicans in the Georgia legislature voted to kill a jet fuel tax break that would have directly benefited Atlanta-based Delta five days after the airline said it would end discounted fares to NRA members.
Gun Debate: Companies Take Aim At NRA As Members Fire BackMany corporations are taking aim at the NRA. But as CBSLA's Greg Mills reports, many NRA members are shooting back.
Delta, United Cut Ties With NRAThe two airlines will no long offer discounted fares to NRA members to attend their annual meetings.
Enterprise Ends Car Rental Discount For NRA MembersThe company tweeted, "All three of our brands have ended the discount for NRA members. This change will be effective March 26."
OC Parents, Teachers Demand Tougher Gun Laws, NRA Response At 'Gun Sense' RallySeveral hundred Orange County residents were out at the "Gun Sense" rally near Huntington Beach High School chanting "Do your job!"

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