New Home

This horse is looking for a new home. (credit: CBS)

Trapped Goat And Horse Looking For A New Home

The big windstorm two weeks ago knocked down a giant pine tree in Pasadena, trapping a goat and horse in their corral.


"Stevie Wonder" was going to be put down but now he's in a loving home! (credit: CBS)

Blind Dog Named ‘Stevie Wonder’ Gets New Home

Meet “Stevie Wonder” – a blind dog whose condition rendered him “unadoptable.”


(credit: AP)

Space Shuttle’s Next Mission A Costly ‘Endeavour’

After traveling nearly 123 million miles and spending about 300 days in space, Space Shuttle Endeavour is retiring.


(credit: CBS)

Dozens Gather In San Pedro In Support Of USS Iowa

A historic battleship could be sailing for San Pedro soon. Supporters of a plan to bring the USS Iowa to the city say the Navy could make a decision as early as this summer.