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Local Company Offers Soup Concoctions To Kick-Start Health, Weight Loss

As women who were on-the-go and loved to eat healthy, Angela Blatteis and Vivienne Vella co-founded a company that delivers soup and soup cleanses to Los Angeles-area residents.



‘Clean Plates’ Aims To Make Eating Healthy More Appetizing

Eating healthy may not always be easy but a new book aims to make it at least a little but more appetizing


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‘End Of Illness’ Offers Simple Steps To Live Longer

Who has time to get sick? For many of us, including Bethany and Jason Winters, the prospect of illness is a worst case scenario.


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Hottest New Year’s Resolution For 2011: Not Making Any

For many, another new year means another batch of failed new year’s resolutions. Here’s one way you can guarantee 2011 will be different.


The famed Mayo Clinic in Minnesota is known for superior health care and now, for the first time ever, it's put its name on a diet book.

Famed Mayo Clinic Releases Diet Book

The famed Mayo Clinic in Minnesota is known for superior health care… and now, for the first time ever… it’s put its name on a diet book.


Companies are rolling out lines of 'fit shoes' that promise to trim and tone your thighs, calves and butt while you walk.

‘Fit Shoes’ Promise To Put You In Shape

Help you lose weight? Tone muscles? Improve posture? Tighten the behind? Well what’s behind these claims? Let’s call them all ‘Fit shoes.’ MBT, Reebok and Sketchers all in on the action.


Before you grabbed those chips and start nibbling, "Heal Your Hunger" President Tricia Greaves says you should ask yourself, "Why am I hungry?"

Controlling Emotions May Be Key To Losing Weight

She may have been smiling in her pictures, but Tsilah Burman felt tortured on the inside.