Tips For Preventing And Treating Head LiceRisa Barash — Co-Founder of Fairy Tales Hair Care and a self-proclaimed "lice expert" — was in the KCAL 9 studio at noon on Friday, discussing ways to prevent and treat head lice.
How To Get Rid Of LiceIt’s back-to-school time and you know what that means. Lice. To help you avoid panic and manage this irritating little infestation as effectively as possible, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best lice removal experts in Los Angeles.
Learn The 'Facts Of Lice' To Avoid Pesky InfestationsRisa Barash, “the Lice Expert,” visited KCAL9 Tuesday to discuss ways to keep your kids lice-free.
Best Los Angeles Hair Cuts For KidsChildren can be scared or unwilling to sit still long enough to complete a hair cut successfully. Here is a list of great places to go for every child, so your kid doesn't scream and cry or end up with a mullet or a bowl cut or worse - missing part of his ear.

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