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Ask An LA Chef: Best Healthy Smoothie Recipe

Healthy smoothies are all the rage and Chef Corralez has created a Green Drink series for his clients that do more than just rejuvenate but also have many health benefits.


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Best Tortas In LA

One of Mexico’s favorite sandwiches is the torta. Served hot or cold, grilled or toasted the torta is usually named according to its main ingredient.


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Best Eats Around LA Stadiums

Whether you’re headed to a rock concert, the circus or just a ball game, check out these five places for the best food in and around LA stadiums.

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Best BLT Sandwiches In Los Angeles

With award-winning and celebrity chefs throughout the city of Los Angeles, the reinvention of the classic BLT is on the rise.


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Best Monday Night Food Specials In Los Angeles

Tuesday has held the title for best cheap grub of the week with tacos and dollar dogs, another night is moving in and taking over: Monday.


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Best Bottomless Mimosas For Brunch In Los Angeles

Mimosas are the perfect accompaniment to any brunch feast, as well as a delicious cure from the night before.


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Best Easter Day Events In Los Angeles

There’s a lot to do on Easter aside from the typical brunch and egg hunts for the kids.


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Best Rainy Day Bars In Los Angeles

LA is the kind of city where there’s fun stuff to do rain or shine.


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Best Food Near Dodger Stadium To Take In Opening Day

A cup of beer and a Dodger Dog are part of the experience but relying on stadium food for a sustainable meal can empty your wallet pretty quick.


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Best Places To Shop For Easter Basket Goodies In Los Angeles

In a city where presentation is everything, let these five places help inspire you to create the perfect Easter basket and fill it with only the best goodies.


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Walking Tour Of Downtown LA

When people first come to LA they’re drawn to the bright lights of the infamous boulevards and trendy nightlife. They’re enamored by beautiful faces and magnificent sunsets. But there’s more to this city than what first meets the eye.


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Best Baseball Bars In Los Angeles

Catch your baseball team playing at any of these Los Angeles bars and you’ll be on a winning streak.


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Best Bakeries In Los Angeles For Passover Desserts

Aside from fasting, Passover also includes abstaining from “chametz,” which refers to foods that aren’t kosher for Passover like bread and anything made with yeast. One would think that type of restriction would put a damper on dessert, but it doesn’t with the help of these bakeries.


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Top Places To Buy April Fool’s Day Gag Gifts In Los Angeles

Everyone loves a prank now and then, and April Fool’s Day is carte blanche to mess with people all day long.


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Best 2015 Spring Theater Productions In Los Angeles

LA can’t compare to NY’s Broadway but it holds its own when it comes to theater productions.