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KFWB On Your Corner: Hermosa Beach

It may be the smallest of the beach cities in land area, but Hermosa Beach is a big deal to the people who live there.



KFWB On Your Corner: Disney Concert Hall

One of the many jewels of the city the Disney Concert Hall, and our own Phil Hulett spent some time there this week.



KFWB On Your Corner: Race To Downtown LA

For thousands of Southlanders, a trip to downtown L.A. is a daily occurrence during the week because of work. The question is, what is the best way to get there?


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KFWB On Your Corner: Loft Development

The past decade has seen the downtown area grow into a vibrant city center.


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KFWB On Your Corner: Downtown LA Film Production

The Wells Fargo Tower where we are broadcasting from has been seen in many films over the years, just like most of downtown


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KFWB On Your Corner: The Skinny House In Long Beach

Can you build a livable house on a plot of land about the size of a small loft apartment?


(courtesy Boeing/U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Brett Clashman)

KFWB On Your Corner: The Boeing Effect (Part 2)

When you factor in the entire supply chain across 44 states, the C-17 sustains more than 30,000 jobs — 3,000 in Long Beach alone.


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KFWB On Your Corner: Tourism In Long Beach

Whether it’s the Queen Mary, the beaches, the dining, the Aquarium, the theaters, or the shopping, there’s so much to do and see in Long Beach.


long beach boat house livers

KFWB On Your Corner: Long Beach Boat Living

For some in Long Beach, the marinas and waterfront are a home away from home — but for others, it’s just home.


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KFWB On Your Corner: THUMS Islands (Part 2)

There are some pretty unique features to this city, including those oil islands right off the downtown shoreline.


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KFWB On Your Corner: The Most Bike-Friendly City In America?

Long Beach is also a city that bills itself as an alternative to other parts of L.A. County and neighboring Orange County.


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KFWB On Your Corner: Top-Of-The-Line Transit

Long Beach prides itself for having a transit system that 90 percent of the customers rate as good to excellent.


smog pollution air

KFWB On Your Corner: Cutting Down On Pollution

(KFWB 980) — Long Beach needs to reduce smog. Phil Hulett spoke with Sam Atwood, the spokesman for the South Coast Air Quality Management District.


(courtesy Boeing Corp.)

KFWB On Your Corner: The Boeing Effect

Long Beach is the last place in the United States that builds large military aircraft.


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KFWB On Your Corner: Rosie’s Dog Beach

Long Beach is among the most dog-friendly cities in California.




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