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Sheriff’s Department Sued Over Immigrant Deportations

Immigrant rights advocates will serve the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department with a summons to get information about the department’s participation in immigration enforcement programs and data about deportations.



Immigration Authorities Add 1,300 Beds For Southland Detainees

Immigration authorities will add another 1,300 beds to detain suspected illegal immigrants in Southern California.


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New Ad Campaign Encourages US Citizenship

The federal government is running a national advertising campaign to encourage more immigrants to become U.S. citizens.


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Feds: Record Number Of Illegal Immigrants Target SoCal Beaches

U.S. immigration officials say they have intercepted a record number of attempts in the past year involving small boats aiming to bring illegal immigrants ashore.

KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO–05/03/2011

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Man Pleads Guilty To Smuggling, Holding Immigrants Hostage

An illegal immigrant from Guatemala has pleaded guilty to smuggling people into California and holding them
in brutal captivity until their relatives paid thousands of dollars.


LA Immigrants In Westlake

Study: Fewer Immigrants Coming To LA, More Settled

A new study shows fewer immigrants are arriving in Los Angeles and but more of their compatriots are long-settled in the country’s second-largest city.


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Orange County Jails See Influx Of Immigrants

Hundreds of detained immigrants are being transferred to Orange County jails, and more are on the way, under a deal with the federal government that would bring the cash-strapped Orange County Sheriff’s Department up to $30 million a year, a newspaper reported Sunday.


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Officials Rescue 37 Immigrants From Riverside House

Authorities say they have rescued more than three dozen immigrants locked inside a boarded up bedroom in a Southern California drop house.




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