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(credit: DoubleTree Hotel Santa Ana

Best Hotel Bars In Orange County

Grab your keycard and head down to these awesome Orange County hotel bars.


(credit: Bar Marmont)

Best Hotel Bars In Los Angeles

You don’t have to be an out-of-town guest to hang out in style at some of the best hotel bars in LA.


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Best Hotel Bars: The LA Woman’s List

Whether entertaining guests in town or trying to impress business clients, hotel bars make great – if somewhat pricey – destinations for cocktails.

CBS Los Angeles–08/07/2014


Best Hotel Bars In Los Angeles: The New York Guy’s List

Some people like to point out the little differences between NYC and L.A. – like how in one city you “meet for drinks,” whereas in the other you’re “doing lunch.” Yet as any frequent traveler […]

CBS Los Angeles–08/24/2010