Highlights: Californians Paying More For Water In DroughtSome California residents are finding themselves in an ironic bind where they have to pay more while using less water in the drought.
Lawmakers Push For Changes To Higher EducationSenate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, introduced SB15 on Tuesday that would increase state funding, redirect funds from a scholarship program, and charge a higher rate to out-of-state students.
CSU Students, State Assembly Debate Effectiveness Of 'Success Fees' Amid Tuition FreezeThe $5,472 annual tuition at Cal State's 23 campuses is set by the Board of Trustees and hasn't changed in three years - but there are other expenses hiking up costs.
Brown Calls For Pay, Welfare Cuts In Face Of $16B DeficitGov. Jerry Brown on Monday called for deeper spending cuts for health and welfare spending and a shortened work week for state employees in his revised plan to reduce the state's $16 billion deficit.
'Together, We Can Stop It': Residents Mobilize To Block DWP Rate HikesA community group is joining together to fight proposed water and power rate hikes in Los Angeles.
Assembly GOP Proposes Budget With No Tax IncreasesRepublican state lawmakers say Gov. Jerry Brown does not need tax extensions to fill California's remaining deficit.
Suicide Is Painless But Is The 'MASH' Hike?Park rangers on Saturday will lead hikes in Malibu Creek State Park, to the site where TV's "M*A*S*H" was shot.
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