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Luggage Restrictions For Passengers Relaxed Following Terror Alerts

Jet-Setters’ Favorite Shops For Luggage In LA

Luggage is more than just a leather bag with a zipper and wheels to get you from Point A to Point B, it should be looked at as an investment piece. Proper luggage can last years let alone decades, so make sure you love the pieces before you buy and not just because you need something right now.


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Best Luggage Shops In Los Angeles

Consider the following supreme Los Angeles establishments that sell all sorts of suitcases — big, small and everything in between.

CBS Los Angeles–09/07/2013

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Best Holiday Travel Tips For People From Los Angeles

You know the basics about liquids through security and booking early to save money, but navigating Los Angeles during the holidays involves a little more finess. From where to stock up on pre-trip necessities to the best ways to travel, this is the inside scoop on traveling L.A. like a pro this holiday season.

CBS Los Angeles–11/17/2012