Senate Passes Bill Blocking Repeal Of Net NeutralityThe measure now goes to the GOP-led House, where it will likely fail.
How Do Scammers Call You With Your Own Phone Number?Have you ever gotten a phone call from your own number? Or one that was just a few digits off? It’s the latest illegal scam to get you to answer your phone – neighborhood spoofing.
FCC Starts Clock On Net Neutrality Repeal, Faces LawsuitsIn a Feb. 22 release, the agency sent out "final notice" that Obama-era rules governing equal distribution of the internet will be repealed in 60 days.
FCC Overturns Net Neutrality Rules In Party-Line VoteWhile internet service companies say consumers won't notice a change, they have also lobbied for net neutrality's overturn.
FCC: Americans Get 2.5 Billion Robocalls A MonthThe FCC is now cracking down on the robocall blitz, instituting new rules for phone companies to use in dealing with the rise of scam calls.
What Does Net Neutrality Rollback Mean For You?The dismantling of net neutrality rules is seen as a major shift from Obama-era policies designed to treat all websites and content equally.
FCC Chief Looks To Repeal Net Neutrality RegulationsThe rules are designed to maintain an “open internet” by preventing ISPs from slowing speeds to certain websites or favoring content from their affiliates.
FCC: Broadcasters No Longer Required To Keep A Local Studio PresenceThe “main studio rule” required that TV, AM and FM stations keep a studio near the communities that receive their broadcasts.
FCC Slaps AT&T With $100M Fine For Throttling 'Unlimited' DataAT&T Mobility LLC has been slapped with a record $100 million fine for offering consumers "unlimited" data, but then slowing their Internet speeds after they reached a certain amount. The company says it will fight the charges.
'Net Neutrality' Rules Would Regulate Internet Like A UtilityTwo out of three Americans remain opposed to a U.S. government regulatory role when it comes to the Internet.
Time Warner Agrees To Arbitration In Dodger TV DisputeTime Warner Cable is willing to allow an arbitrator help resolve it's dispute with DirecTV and other carriers over who can air Dodger games on television.
AT&T Announces Plan To Buy DirecTV For More Than $48BThe companies promised consumer benefits like more economical bundles that tie mobile phone, pay TV and Internet service together on a single bill.

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