Mylar Balloons Blamed For Power Outage In WestwoodSeveral people had to be rescued from stalled elevators Saturday following a power outage in Westwood.
Get on the Elevator, and Stick Out Your Tongue. Or Don't1,325 Jaffa Cakes later, the elevator (or "lift" as they say, sniffily, over there) is ready for business. I say, either be the first one onboard, or keep your tongue to yourself.
LA County Earmarks 'Extraordinary' $3.2M For Creaky ElevatorsAn aide to one county supervisor said the county cannot afford such a high price tag for elevator repairs at the downtown headquarters.
Thousands Of Elevators Found Running With Expired PermitsEven though elevators are supposed to be inspected every year, we found permits in elevators well past the deadline -- tens of thousands of expired permits statewide. It's a potential for a hazard.

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