Charity helps at-risk youth graduate (Photo Credit: Thinkstock)

Graduation Rates Sore For At-Risk Student Program Participants

A San Francisco non-profit has a 100 percent college acceptance rate for the underprivileged high school kids it supports.


Youth program protects against cyberattacks (Photo Credit: Thinkstock)

Public School Extracurricular Program Fights Threat Of Cyberattacks

The threat of cyberattack isn’t going away any time soon, so in a bold move to protect the U.S. from offensive maneuvers targeting our computer networks the Air Force Association initiated Cyber Patriot.


Science Programs For Youth (Photo Credit: Thinkstock)

Extra-Curricular Programs In California Contribute To STEM Careers

California’s public school system contribute to STEM careers by offering science-centric activities through after-school programs.


Music Program Area (Photo Credit: Thinkstock)

California Non-Profit Empowers Homeless Youth Through The Arts

A local non-profit called Create Now brings thousands of children in need to cultural events like free concerts and plays.


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Calif. School Board To Vote On Common Core Test Accountability

The California Board of Education is expected to decide Wednesday whether or not schools should be held accountable on the state’s performance index for student results in the new Common Core-aligned assessments.


Painting (Photo Credit: Thinkstock)

Grade School Visual And Performing Arts Programs Spark Future Career Paths

Career choices later in life within applied art fields, such as fashion and industrial design are often sparked through early school art programs.



Lawmakers Want High Schools To Teach ‘Yes Means Yes’ For Sex

Senate President Kevin de Leon and Assemblywoman Hanna-Beth Jackson announced legislation on Tuesday that would require school districts where health education is a high school graduate requirement to make sexual violence prevention a part of the curriculum.


(credit: CBS)

Parents Demand Recall Of Beleaguered Centinela School District Board

The controversy surrounding the Centinela Valley Union High School District continues as a recall arises to replace the school board that hired its scandal-ridden former superintendent.


The academic decathlon team from Franklin High is ready to take on all comers. (credit: CBS)

Academic Decathlon Team At Franklin High School Gets Ready For Challenging Competition

“What drives me is what’s waiting for me at the end — and that is success,” says junior Vanessa Delgadillo.


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Independent Photographers Are Focused On L.A.’s Business Community

While some news groups are laying off salaried photographers, Dave Haase says job opportunities for portrait and commercial camera operators are holding ground.


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L.A.’s Employment Road Is Smooth For Limo Drivers

In greater Los Angeles, many limousine drivers earn sustainable wages, especially if they work for the motion picture and video industries.


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Technical Writers Play Central Roles In L.A.’s Social Sciences

Marc Fishel, owner of High-Tech Publications, says future technical writers in metro Los Angeles must know how to incorporate inventive ways to transform complex material into straightforward instruction.


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Technology Is Changing The Future Of L.A. Health Care

Marina Del Rey Hospital’s Paulette Heitmeyer says technology is remodeling the architecture of the medical industry, resulting in a blast of new jobs for computer-cultured health information specialists.


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Top College Degrees That Pay Well In L.A.

Chris Lenz, director of the Career Development Center at CSULA, reveals the leading college degrees that help graduates land high-paying jobs in Los Angeles.


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L.A. Computer Security Expert Warns Students About Identity Theft

Scott Spiro, a computer security expert in Los Angeles, says college students are now the leading at-risk group for identity theft, a growing crime that can affect their employment opportunities.