Woman Convicted In Fatal 2011 Distracted Driving Crash

A Southern California woman was convicted Thursday for texting and chatting on the phone moments before a 2011 crash that killed a 23-year-old driver.


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Studies Suggest Voice-Activated Systems May Increase Distractions For Drivers

Just because you can talk to your car doesn’t mean you should.


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Study: ‘Distracted Walking’ Injuries Triple

The city of Los Angeles is still one of the most dangerous cities in which to walk and talk or text, according to a new study.


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AAA: Hands-Free Texting More Distracting Than Talking On Cellphone

Drivers using voice commands to send text messages and emails from behind the wheel is actually more distracting and dangerous than talking on a cellphone, according to a new AAA study.

CBS2 / KCAL9–06/12/2013

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Collisions, Injuries, Other ‘Distracted Walking’ Incidents Soar 400 Percent

Regulators say the number of pedestrians hospitalized for injuries suffered while using a smartphone or other handheld device has quadrupled within the last decade.


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Police: Thieves Snatching Smartphones Out Of Victims’ Hands

Police are warning iPhone, Droid and other smartphone owners of a sharp rise in the number of brazen robberies targeting those devices.


Cars drive by a sign notifying of a new texting while driving law in California. (credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

LA Police Pledge Crackdown On Texting While Driving

A new statewide campaign is calling upon drivers to keep their thumbs off their cell phones and on the steering wheel.


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Feds Mull Plan To Block Cell Phone Calls While Driving

Citing a death toll of nearly 5,500 people annually, federal transportation officials say they want you to hang up and drive.