Defend Your Ride

“I like how the steering wheel is really tight.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Catherine At Beverly Gardens Park

“We wanted a Range Rover because it’s pretty and safe.” – Catherine and her Range Rover


“I feel like if you can drive in L.A., you can drive anywhere.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Larissa At Mel’s Drive-In

“I bought this car sight unseen. I never test drove it.” – Larissa and her Honda Accord


"I had to get used to sitting in traffic when I moved here."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Ashley At Larchmont Village

“It was love at first sight.” – Ashley and her Ford Mustang Coupe


“The CD player doesn't eject CDs very often anymore.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Sarah at Priscilla’s In Burbank

“My car is so loyal. I love my car!” – Sarah and her Honda Civic


“I like to surf the music blogs.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Jack At Memorial Park

“I am a virtuoso at drumming my steering wheel.” – Jack and his Toyota Prius


“A lot of people just get excited when they see something they like.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Joe At The Staples Center

“I will leave four hours before I need to be somewhere if it means not having to sit in traffic.” – Joe and his Nissan Altima


“It still has Maryland plates because I'm holding onto home.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Amber At Pink’s Hot Dogs

“My mom got it for me when I was in college.” – Amber and her Toyota Corolla


“I can't drive a stick in L.A.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Vince At Milt & Edie’s

“We purchased this car through Costco!” – Vince and his Ford Escape


"I got this at a dealership on the way to Joshua Tree.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Ben At Amoeba Music

“I’m an idiot when it comes to cars.” – Ben and his Toyota Celica


“I've fit three different bikes in the trunk of my car [at the same time].”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Katie Near Venice Beach

“I like to space out in my car and listen to music.” – Katie and her Jeep Wrangler


"If she ever starts acting up, then my wife takes the subway to work."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Anthony At The Griffith Park Observatory

“This was the first car my wife and I bought together.” – Anthony and his Green Honda Civic


“It doesn't have a lot of cargo space.”


“I test drove the car and realized how fun it is to drive it. That immediately drew me in.”- Katie and her Volvo S40


"Then more bumper stickers."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Chris At Warner Brothers Studios

“The car basically has no resale value. Once you realize that, it’s very liberating.” – Chris and his Subaru Legacy Wagon


"I feel like I’m a pretty good driver due to it."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Veronica At The Third Street Promenade

“Subarus aren’t necessarily the prettiest cars, but they’re very sporty.” – Veronica and her Subaru Impreza Outback Sport


"I mainly use it to go to auditions. I'm an actor, so I drive a lot."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Cerina At The Pantages Theatre

“I get caught car dancing all the time. I don’t even care.” – Cerina and her Honda CRV