Caught On Camera: Hunter Ambushes, Kills Deer With Bow And Arrow In Residential NeighborhoodA video taken Thursday afternoon shows a hunter with a bow and arrow taking aim at a young buck. 
Remarkable Video Shows Mountain Lion Dragging Deer In Verdugo MountainsThe region’s freeway network has served to isolate the mountain lion population, biologists say.
Buck With Arrow Lodged In Neck Spotted Again; Officials Unable To Capture Wounded AnimalThe injured deer jumped fences to carefully avoid game wardens who were attempting to tranquilize the animal in order to get it the medical attention it needs.
Locals Outraged After Video Surfaces Of Buck With Arrow Stuck In Neck Locals in Monrovia are outraged after a video surfaced showing a buck with an arrow sticking through its neck.
Oh, Deer! Animal Control Removes Fawn From BathtubA fawn trying to make a clean getaway after it got caught in some fencing instead wound up in the bathtub of a Colorado home.
Alaska Airlines Plane Kills Deer Upon Landing At Airport In CaliforniaThe plane was scheduled to continue on to Los Angeles.
Little Deer Gets Into Big Trouble In Encino Swimming PoolAnimal Control officers caught up with the little buck and tranquilized him.
Only On CBS2: Cyclist Comes Face-To-Face With Mountain LionA cyclist came face-to-face with a mountain lion Sunday on Mullholland Highway.
Rare Sight: Mountain Lion Sits On Deer Along Mulholland HighwayA mountion lion was caught on camera Thursday sitting atop a deer alongside a road in the Santa Monica Mountains.
Oh Deer, Bones Found In Park Turn Out Not To Be HumanThe good news: they weren't from a human. Some bones found in a Benedict Canyon park belonged to a deer, a coroner's investigator said Wednesday.

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