Confronting Hate, Day 6: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Concerned To See Hate On The RiseLakers superstar discusses the state of race relations in the United States.
Confronting Hate, Day 5: Racial Unity In SchoolsLAUSD Superintendent Michelle King discusses inclusion in the school community.
Confronting Hate, Day 4: Hate Groups In CaliforniaPublisher and activist Danny Bakewell outlines the rise of hate groups in the Golden State.
Confronting Hate, Day 3: Latino Community Addresses BigotryAlex Nogales, CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition, asks why protests like the one in Charlottesville are increasing.
Confronting Hate, Day 2: How Fascism StartsRabbi Marvin Hier discusses how fascism movements begin and warns he's seeing signs of a resurgence of bigotry.
Confronting Hate, Day 1: Put Confederate Statues In Museum, The Rev. Jesse Jackson SaysThe Rev. Jesse Jackson discusses race relations in the wake of deaths in Virginia with CBS2's Pat Harvey.

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