Dressing a baby up as a pot plant? Some parents don't find it amusing. (credit: CBS)

Pot Leaves? Cigarettes? Some Complain Halloween Costumes For Kids Go Too Far

The pot leaf costume is a favorite, so is a cigarette baby costume.


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‘Breathe Free’ Campaign Underway To Prep Manhattan Beach For Smoking Ban

Cigarette smokers will soon no longer be welcome in Manhattan Beach.


File photo. (credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Voters Reject Dollar Tax On Cigarettes To Fund Cancer Research

A ballot measure that would have added a dollar tax to every pack of cigarettes to fund cancer research appears to be headed for defeat.


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Pier, Parking Lot Smokers Face $100 Fine Under New Law In Hermosa Beach

A tough new campaign has turned several public places in Hermosa Beach into no-smoking zones.

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Armstrong Backing New Tobacco Tax Initiative

The athlete is supporting a new initiative that would increase taxes on cigarettes, raising more the $500 million a year for cancer research.


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Black Lungs & Dead People: Anti-Smoking Pitch Gets Graphic

If you didn’t already know the health risks of smoking, the feds are set to use graphic imagery on cigarettes as a reminder.

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