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Not-So-Scary Picture Books for Halloween

Halloween is a night of mischief and laughs, tricks and treats, and disguises galore. Our sister company Simon & Schuster recommends reading these not-so-scary picture books with your kids in the coming weeks to give them a little fright and get them excited for the holiday.


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Children’s Hospital Reacts To Clown Billboards For TV Show

Officials at Children’s Hospital want the public to know they have no affiliation whatsoever with an Adult Swim show on Cartoon Network by the same name.


Children's Pool in La Jolla (courtesy SanDiego.gov)

Machine Gun Found In ‘Children’s Pool’ In La Jolla

Police said the gun was not loaded and there was rust, indicating it could have been in the water for quite a while.

KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO–08/10/2011

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Where to Buy Kid’s Furniture in LA

Gone are the days when decorating your child’s room meant going to a major furniture store and choosing between an all blue truck theme, or an all pink cupcake design. Today, the kid’s furniture marketplace […]