Caltech Researchers Developing Autonomous Drone AmbulanceThe goal of the self-flying drone ambulance is to airlift injured or trapped victims in hard to reach disaster zones.
Caltech Scientists Awarded Nobel Prize For Finding Ripples In UniverseTwo Caltech scientists are part of a trio to win the Nobel Physics Prize for their roles in detecting gravitational waves predicted a century ago by Albert Einstein.
Caltech Faculty, Students Rally Against Trump's Plan To Roll Out Revised Travel RestrictionsCalifornia Institute of Technology faculty and students on Wednesday rallied against President Donald Trump's plan to introduce a revised travel ban.
US News & World Report Names Caltech Best University In Southern CaliforniaU.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges Rankings list ranked the California Institute of Technology as the top university in Southern California.
Caltech Researchers Uncover 'Solid Evidence' For 'Planet Nine' Lurking In Outer Solar System Scientists say they finally have "solid evidence" for Planet X, a true ninth planet on the fringes of our solar system.
Winning Powerball? Math Professor Says The Odds Are Even Worse Than You Originally Thought"It's about 1 in 300 million," said Caltech math professor Omer Tamuz.
Congress Approves $8.2 Million For Earthquake Early Warning SystemCongress approved a funding bill on Friday that includes $8.2 million for an early warning system capable of giving a few seconds or more of notice before an earthquake hits in the West Coast.
Caltech Among U.S. News & World Report's Top 10 UniversitiesCaltech was the sole Southern California university to be among U.S. News & World Report’s top 10 schools, according to the magazine’s annual rankings that were released Wednesday.
Author: Seafloor Faults Off Southern California Coasts Could Be Bigger Threat Than San AndreasThe San Andreas fault may be the villain in Hollywood’s latest blockbuster disaster movie, but geologists say offshore faults pose a bigger threat to California, according to a new study.
Caltech Students Continue Annual Tradition Of 'Ditch Day' And Stay On CampusFor one day out of the year at least, it’s not all work and no play at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.
Man Paralyzed From Neck Down Controls Robotic Arm With His ThoughtsBrain electrodes developed at Caltech and implanted at the Keck Medicine of USC are allowing a Southern California man to control a robotic arm using only his thoughts.
Caltech Professor Alleges Retaliation For Alerting Feds To Suspected Violations At JPLThe lawsuit filed by Dr. Sandra Troian alleges the physics professor faced retaliation for telling the FBI that she suspected illegal activities at the university-managed NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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