California State University Los Angeles

Biological Technicians Study To Become Scientists In L.A.Dr. Hyunsook Park, an associate professor at California State University, Los Angeles, says tomorrow’s biological technicians will serve as a vital working party in many areas of technology.
Successful Chefs In L.A. Received Formal Education And TrainingDaniel Keenan, an executive chef at California State University, Los Angeles, says formal training is a quick introduction to the skillful art of preparing, cooking and presenting food.
L.A.'s Successful Market Research Analysts Are Well-StudiedDr. Shirley Stretch says California State University, Los Angeles, has launched a series of new educational opportunities to help aspiring market research analysts become more employable.
Female Police Officers Are Valuable Assets At CSULAValerie Caldera, a police sergeant at California State University, Los Angeles, says CSULA is diligent in its effort to place more female officers in key positions.
Digital Managers Bring L.A.’s Advertisers Into A New EraKeith R. Pillow, an adjunct professor of marketing at California State University, Los Angeles, says digital managers are expected to assume even more pivotal responsibilities in the coming years.
L.A.'s Biological Techs Gain Experience While In SchoolCSULA's Dr. Howard Xu says if they don't learn solid laboratory skills while in school, newly-minted biological technicians in Los Angeles would have a tough time figuring out on-the-job techniques.
Technology Improves Healthcare Management In L.A.CSULA’s Dr. Andre S. Avramchuk says healthcare services managers in Los Angeles that are keeping pace with technological advancements are more employable and higher paid.
Biological Technicians Are Always Needed To Assist L.A.’s ScientistsCSULA’s Dr. Robert M. Nissen says well-versed biological technicians are the skillful hands that help scientists design better solutions to improve the quality of life for many.
Natural Sciences Managers In L.A. Find A Career HotbedDr. James Rudd, Chair of CSULA’s natural science program, says employment opportunities for natural sciences managers are teeming in Los Angeles.
Entrepreneurs Fuel L.A.’s Growing Tech CommunityBarney Santos, a lecturer and business owner, encourages tech-minded entrepreneurs in Los Angeles to get off the fence and launch their own enterprises.
L.A. Offers A Prime Job Market For Database AdministratorsCSULA’s Dr. Jongwook Woo says in order for database administrators to compete for a wealth of new job opportunities earmarked for Los Angeles, they will need to keep up with current trends.
Top College Degrees That Pay Well In L.A.Chris Lenz, director of the Career Development Center at CSULA, reveals the leading college degrees that help graduates land high-paying jobs in Los Angeles.