(Photo credit: Dan Currier/Getty Images)

Students To Take Trial Run Of Computer-Based Standardized Testing

State and local education officials Monday unveiled a new computer-based standardized testing model aimed at giving students an “academic checkup”.


L.A. County Assessor John Noguez (credit: CBS)

LA County Board Of Supervisors Suggest Tax Agents Be Required To Disclose Campaign Contributions

Officials at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting proposed an ordinance that would require tax agents to register with L.A. County and disclose campaign contributions to county offices.


L.A. County Assessor John Noguez (credit: CBS)

Judge Threatens To Arrest Noguez In Jail After He Skips Court Date

The top assessor in Los Angeles County could face arrest while in jail after failing to show up in court, a judge said Wednesday.



Money 101: Assessment Testing

Bob McCormick looks at why assessment tests are so popular and how they help the potential employee.