Alarcon: Library ID Cards Would 'Upgrade' Residents From Payday Lenders Councilman Richard Alarcon is defending his controversial proposal to allow illegal immigrants to use city-issued library cards as official identification and even as debit cards.
LA Man Charged In Debit Card Swiping Scam At Chase BankAny customers who have visited the branch in the 13000 block of Black Mountain Road in San Diego in the last six weeks are being urged to contact the bank.
Prosecutor: OC Man Used $110K Tax Refund Error To Pay 'Various Bills'A Laguna Beach man has learned a painful lesson: if you find something of value and are able to locate the owner, but fail to do so, you have committed a crime.
End Of Plastic? Banks Unveil Payment Service Using Cell Phone, EmailAre you tired of swiping and signing? Some of the nation's biggest banks are betting that you will be.
Still Winning? Charlie Sheen Earns Cash For His 'Tweets'It isn't just "tiger blood" fueling Charlie Sheen's tweeting: There's a new world of social media advertising hidden behind his micro-blogging, too.
Charlie Sheen Joins Twitter, Poses With Porn Star Bree Olson In First TweetSheen apparently joined Twitter Tuesday afternoon, using the handle @charliesheen.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy Hacked On Facebook President Nicolas Sarkozy says his Facebook page got hacked -- and he jokingly used the opportunity to poke fun at the intruder's spelling mistakes in a fake message saying the French leader won't seek a second term.

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