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Environmental Activists Push For Input On 710 Corridor Project

A coalition of community and environmental activists rallied Wednesday to demand Sacramento hear their concerns before any major freeway expansion construction begins along the 710 Freeway.


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Metro To Hear From Public On 710 Extension Proposals

Public meetings were set to start on Wednesday night to discuss several proposals to close the gap between the 710 Freeway in Alhambra and the 210 Freeway in Pasadena.


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Pasadena City Council To Vote On 710 Freeway Extension

City leaders have been reluctant to weigh on the proposed extension ahead of a legal opinion on limitations imposed by Measure A, which voters passed in 2001 in support of completing the project.



710 Freeway Reopened After Downed Power Lines Cause Crash

Commuters on the 710 Freeway in the city of Commerce were brought to a standstill on Monday after a crash involving downed power lines closed the freeway.


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Opponents Launch New Effort Against 710 Freeway Extension Plans

A coalition of transportation and public officials on Thursday voiced their opposition to a long-running plan to connect the 710 and 210 Freeways.


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Homeowners Cheer ‘Historic’ Vote Against 710 Freeway Extension

Residents in Eagle Rock, Highland Park and other cities hailed a vote by the City Council as a “very historic moment”.


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KFWB On Your Corner: 710 Freeway Extension

Back in the 1960′s, there was a proposal to extend the 710 Freeway along Valley Boulevard in Alhambra all the way to where the 210 Freeway is today.