2 On Your Side: Rental Scams

Here's what you can do to protect yourself when you think you've found the perfect place. Kristine Lazar reports.

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  1. I need help getting my money back from VCA Brentwood because they killed my dog with a poisonous experimental drug and they refuse to reimburse my money spent on their salvage mistake, negligence, crime.

  2. On The Fence

    The problem is that cars travel too fast down the road in front of Mr. Hillingers house.

    The solution is a three way stop sign.


    Doug Daugherty

  3. i need help i was exposed to chemical warfare while i was working at rocky mountain arsenal my mail is tsuriel.david@gmail.com 818-288-7735

  4. I need help please. I purchased a Whirlpool refrigerator in November 2016. I am on my third refrigerator since then. Whirlpool is aware of the problem with their model ( WRF992FIFM00), which leaks water on the floor, stops cooling and does not make ice. I have had to throw out my food 6 times since the repair man has to leave the door wide open for hours to try to fix the various problems and when i was sent a new one it takes 24 hours for it to cool. Online reviews are pouring in from various websites showing that other consumers are experiencing the same problems as me. How can I get Whirlpools attention? I have a 6 year warranty plus a year from Amex. I cannot continue to have food spoil for the next 6 years.

  5. Oh my gosh…do I need your help. I am writing about Dent Solutions, and specifically David Francis Mancha of Norco who solicited me in the parking lot of my LA Fitness Gym in Anaheim Hills of 9/17/17. He said he could fix my back bumper dent and crack for $695 and it would look good as new. I cancelled my insurance claim and had him come over the same day. He said he would also fix a hairline scratch on the left front door panel and a ding, and would only charge me for the materials. He gave me a bill for double the price at $1561.45 and said he would email me the breakdown. He also said I couldn’t wipe the “magic” cream off the fixed areas or take the tape off for at least 2 hours, and couldn’t wash the car for at least 24 hours. So I couldn’t see if it was an acceptable job. It turned out to be a terrible job, rough paint, paste and glue everywhere and the hairline scratch and door ding were still very noticeable. I called him and complained about the job and he said he would come out Friday afternoon to make repairs. He texted me the next day and said he had the dreaded “stomach flu” and that he would come out Monday, 8/21/17. He has not answered my numerous calls since. I have done a Yelp review on Dent Solutions, Riverside, and noticed another customer, Christian complained about the work, said David wouldn’t return calls and called it a SCAM and a BAD JOB. Wish I had checked Yelp before I had him touch my car!!! I hope you will do a story on this type of scam as they are driving through good neighborhoods and shopping centers and soliciting work and doing a shabby job. The website on their business card is bogus, so there is no way to reach him if he doesn’t answer his phone. I found him on Facebook as David Mancha, from Norco. I would also like to get at least some of my money back as I still need to go to a professional repair shop.

    Please HELP!

    Thank you,

    Alisa Hamilton

  6. I am emailing you because I need help staying in my apartment. I am 70 years old, disabled, and take care of my physically disabled daughter. We live on my social security retirement and my pension. So we live on a fixed income. We have gone down to a 1 bedroom apartment to economize. Erika, my daughter, has many needs and they exceeded my income in August 2017. I have tried gofundme to no avail. It was a decision I had to make,pay the rent or pay for her medical needs. No one should have to make that decision. My landlord is the Irvine company. i just moved here because they cancelled their HUD contract,discontinued their discount program, and then raised the rent to $3000/month on my former apartment. I had to move because of those reasons. Now, we face eviction from this apartment. I offered to pay August’s rent on 31 August but they would not accept it. They then wanted $4320.12. I can find no help through various agencies and churches. None. They tell many people are in the same boat as we are due to the irvine company doing these actions. Can you help us. I am willing to make payment arrangements. I have my name down for a senior apartment complex that opens in November or December of this year. If I get in there then, I would have no problem re-paying the company. Their motto is “Love where you live”. We do but we need help. We were harassed by them in 2013 and I let it slide. Now, I need someone to help me make them understand moving is very difficult for 2 disabled people and especially at my age. You can reach me at assertivewoman1@gmail.com or 949-387-1761. I thank you for your me and anything you can do to assist us. The court date is coming soon. /we have the eviction paperwork. Please help us help ourselves. Sincerely, Lynda Lutz,Caretaker, Mother, and retired RN.

  7. Looking for help to stop the company Bourbon & Boots who advertise & sell products on Facebook. There are many complaints listed on the Facebook page about consumers who have made purchases, paid for the items and this company does not deliver the paid for item. I’m still waiting for either my item or a refund. Their customer service only responds with, “the item you ordered is handcrafted and back ordered”. I ordered a product for $99.00 in April of 2017. I reported them to Facebook for false advertising and the response from Facebook was they do not see this company harassing me. Go to the Facebook page and see the endless complaints from people in the remarks. Unfortunately I did not see or read the comments when I made my purchase. Although I’ve lost $100.00, people online have lost much more and they continue to sell on Facebook. How can this business be shut down and made accountable for the money they take and don’t provide what is ordered?
    Contact me at zinngrin@yahoo.com
    Audrey G.

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