2 On Your Side: Contractor Complaints

Complaints about leaking windows and doors against Cerritos company lead to offer of arbitration. Kristine Lazar reports.

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  1. On The Fence

    The problem is that cars travel too fast down the road in front of Mr. Hillingers house.

    The solution is a three way stop sign.


    Doug Daugherty

  2. i need help i was exposed to chemical warfare while i was working at rocky mountain arsenal my mail is tsuriel.david@gmail.com 818-288-7735

  3. I need help please. I purchased a Whirlpool refrigerator in November 2016. I am on my third refrigerator since then. Whirlpool is aware of the problem with their model ( WRF992FIFM00), which leaks water on the floor, stops cooling and does not make ice. I have had to throw out my food 6 times since the repair man has to leave the door wide open for hours to try to fix the various problems and when i was sent a new one it takes 24 hours for it to cool. Online reviews are pouring in from various websites showing that other consumers are experiencing the same problems as me. How can I get Whirlpools attention? I have a 6 year warranty plus a year from Amex. I cannot continue to have food spoil for the next 6 years.

  4. Oh my gosh…do I need your help. I am writing about Dent Solutions, and specifically David Francis Mancha of Norco who solicited me in the parking lot of my LA Fitness Gym in Anaheim Hills of 9/17/17. He said he could fix my back bumper dent and crack for $695 and it would look good as new. I cancelled my insurance claim and had him come over the same day. He said he would also fix a hairline scratch on the left front door panel and a ding, and would only charge me for the materials. He gave me a bill for double the price at $1561.45 and said he would email me the breakdown. He also said I couldn’t wipe the “magic” cream off the fixed areas or take the tape off for at least 2 hours, and couldn’t wash the car for at least 24 hours. So I couldn’t see if it was an acceptable job. It turned out to be a terrible job, rough paint, paste and glue everywhere and the hairline scratch and door ding were still very noticeable. I called him and complained about the job and he said he would come out Friday afternoon to make repairs. He texted me the next day and said he had the dreaded “stomach flu” and that he would come out Monday, 8/21/17. He has not answered my numerous calls since. I have done a Yelp review on Dent Solutions, Riverside, and noticed another customer, Christian complained about the work, said David wouldn’t return calls and called it a SCAM and a BAD JOB. Wish I had checked Yelp before I had him touch my car!!! I hope you will do a story on this type of scam as they are driving through good neighborhoods and shopping centers and soliciting work and doing a shabby job. The website on their business card is bogus, so there is no way to reach him if he doesn’t answer his phone. I found him on Facebook as David Mancha, from Norco. I would also like to get at least some of my money back as I still need to go to a professional repair shop.

    Please HELP!

    Thank you,

    Alisa Hamilton

  5. I am emailing you because I need help staying in my apartment. I am 70 years old, disabled, and take care of my physically disabled daughter. We live on my social security retirement and my pension. So we live on a fixed income. We have gone down to a 1 bedroom apartment to economize. Erika, my daughter, has many needs and they exceeded my income in August 2017. I have tried gofundme to no avail. It was a decision I had to make,pay the rent or pay for her medical needs. No one should have to make that decision. My landlord is the Irvine company. i just moved here because they cancelled their HUD contract,discontinued their discount program, and then raised the rent to $3000/month on my former apartment. I had to move because of those reasons. Now, we face eviction from this apartment. I offered to pay August’s rent on 31 August but they would not accept it. They then wanted $4320.12. I can find no help through various agencies and churches. None. They tell many people are in the same boat as we are due to the irvine company doing these actions. Can you help us. I am willing to make payment arrangements. I have my name down for a senior apartment complex that opens in November or December of this year. If I get in there then, I would have no problem re-paying the company. Their motto is “Love where you live”. We do but we need help. We were harassed by them in 2013 and I let it slide. Now, I need someone to help me make them understand moving is very difficult for 2 disabled people and especially at my age. You can reach me at assertivewoman1@gmail.com or 949-387-1761. I thank you for your me and anything you can do to assist us. The court date is coming soon. /we have the eviction paperwork. Please help us help ourselves. Sincerely, Lynda Lutz,Caretaker, Mother, and retired RN.

  6. Looking for help to stop the company Bourbon & Boots who advertise & sell products on Facebook. There are many complaints listed on the Facebook page about consumers who have made purchases, paid for the items and this company does not deliver the paid for item. I’m still waiting for either my item or a refund. Their customer service only responds with, “the item you ordered is handcrafted and back ordered”. I ordered a product for $99.00 in April of 2017. I reported them to Facebook for false advertising and the response from Facebook was they do not see this company harassing me. Go to the Facebook page and see the endless complaints from people in the remarks. Unfortunately I did not see or read the comments when I made my purchase. Although I’ve lost $100.00, people online have lost much more and they continue to sell on Facebook. How can this business be shut down and made accountable for the money they take and don’t provide what is ordered?
    Contact me at zinngrin@yahoo.com
    Audrey G.

  7. Please contact me at 4minnied53@gmail.com we have a problem with Sears appliance protection plan. We have been without a refrigerator for 31 days and counting. This experience is very frustrating and very costly.

  8. Darren Mills says:

    So I would like to let you know what is happening with SCE and the City of Lancaster. Lancaster has developed a great deal of solar generation capacity, in-turn they created Lancaster Choice Energy…a community energy coop. Sounds great right…wrong, so a single person in a 600 sq. foot apartment has a utility bill of over $140.00 every month. My usage was about $50 but with the SCE distribution and transmission charges the bill comes to an amount that my level pay short fall make-up is over $500.00. Additionally, if you want to switch back to SCE’s bundled service, it takes six months and there is a fee. I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss this further with your investigative team.
    Feel free to contact me at rizzorooster@gmail.com
    Darren M.

  9. On October 1, 2016 I received an $200 apple gift card from my sister for my birthday. The Gift card was sent Via Email from Apple. The Email says to click a button and the electronic gift card will go to my apple wallet on my iPhone. Which I did. The electronic Gift card showed up on my iPhone in the apple wallet with the $200 balance.
    And I saved it for a latter purchase. This October I received another $175 apple gift card and used the same process to place it in my Apple Wallet.Then I checked the 2016 electronic gift card and it had a balance of $0.00.
    The $200 was missing.
    I spent 3 days getting the run around from Apple Customer Relations. They told me it was Spent on Sept 12th at an apple store, but they would not say where or on what or anything else for that matter. They only said I would not be getting the money back. And when I asked them to please write me an email saying this. They said they will not and cannot.
    Yesterday I spoke to a “manager” at the on-line store and he said it was spent on 2 mac book pros out of state. And then he went silent. And would not put anything he said or wouldn’t say in writing. I even asked him to put that fact in writing that he can’t do it.
    I am very upset over the loss of my birthday money that i was gonna use to buy an I watch and am equally upset at the Lack of Integrity At Apple. The Largest company in the world.
    Apple is being very Coy about this and I have no where to go. I told them I would go to the newspapers.

  10. Just watched your segment on the LuLaRoe scam. I understand your trying to help someone get their money back but how about helping people NOT get involved in pyramid schemes?

    Put an informative piece together showing what it means to join one of these scams. Show who really makes the money, show how hard it is for the little people to make money from these enterprises, show the seductive ads that promise riches for hardly any effort.

    Expose this predatory practice in its elements so people would be warned not to involve themselves. Help people with real information so they are protected before they get involved.

    An expose’ story would lift your program to a new level. Help people hurt by these scams and help keep people out of them with real information. That would be something to see!

  11. I purchased an extra policy when I bought my 2012 Acura TL . A policy to cover damage to my interior and exterior paint. I’m getting the run a round that certain paint damage isn’t covered I had to get my private auto insurance involved but I had to come up with $500 deductible but there’s more body work that needs to be done that my auto insurance is telling me it should be covered by the dealer that it’s a warranty issue. Can you please help? Sincerely Andy Varela.

  12. I’m contacting you for help and to let the public know of this crime being perpetrated.
    I have a P O box place called Postal and parcel that I have a mail box at. The back of the boxes are open as I’m sure all P O boxes are, and a person was was able to reach their arm all the way through their mail box and reach around to mine as well as others near theirs and pulled all my mail out. This happened for a few weeks till I figured out something was wrong , I was not getting any mail. My mail is mainly checks from my customers. The postal and parcel stores survalence camera was broken I was told but the owner quickly replaced it and caught the thief on camera. Next, the thief was able to hand write “pay to the order of ” and a scribbled name on the back of all my checks and take a picture for depositing in their bank account. The banks tell me that they have no checks and balances in place to stop someone from using their phone to deposit checks , even if it’s not there’s. Theses are checks made out to a corporation and still they are deposited. Banks say they are not responsible to check electronically deposited checks by phone. I have lost close to a hundred thousand dollars so far. I have no operating money to run my businesses or pay my employees.
    I would like to get your help in helping me get some money from the banks or p o box store to help me stay in business till I can get some money in from my customers next month.
    The public should be warned of this new crime operation and the lack of p o boxes securing US mail and the federal government lack of protecting people’s hard earned money by not having checks and balances in place for phone deposits to banks.
    Both the postal and parcel shop and the federal government are negligent in this situation. And I need help quick since all my money for the past month Has been stolen. I’m trying my hardest to keep my company’s operating but I not sure I can. Please help.
    Thank you
    Jerry Hartson

  13. Brian Martin says:

    I need your help. I purchased 2 bottles in what I thought was a free trial. In the fine print I later found out that I would be charged over $180.00 if I did not cancel within 14 days. The 2 bottles were, Luxury Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean Extract. This charges should have been made clearer and less confusing. Plese look in to this.
    Thank you
    Brian Martin

  14. I also need help. My house caught on fire 3/24/2015 but, State Farm wouldn’t settle my claim with me and I was homeless for month’s I had to live in my back yard with no electricity or water. they closed my claim after holding out until two years past. I filed a complaint with the BBB and also with California Dept. of Insurance but, they would’t tell me anything about my insurance claim. My house was rebuilt with the check State Farm gave me for that but, they cheated me out of my personal property coverage I was paying them for 18 years. State Farm didn’t give me anything for my landscaping and everything died without water. The State Farm Insurance adjuster told me in June of 2015 that he was not allowed to talk to me and for me to call his Attorney then he told me that I had one but, I didn’t.

  15. This is a side issue of the #metoo movement. We have been talking all about the workplace, but discrimination exists in many places. I am in a divorce. My husband is paying spousal support. Why does ANY court have the right to regulate my or anyone’s sexual activity?? With husband paying support, the one receiving here in Ca. has their sexual activity limited. Most who get support are women. If they are caught over the limit set by the law, then their support can be taken from them. We try to get away from someone, but end up still being under their control in a new way made legal by the courts. My attorney has actually taken me aside to outline the limits so I don’t lose my support (6 times a month, split up into at least two 3 day sessions). How many women here in Ca, are under this LEGAL sexual oversight This discriminates on a sexual level and a monetary level and is prejudicial. I had no idea this law existed and now would like to see it exposed and eliminated.

  16. my facebook account was disabled there was a hacker and my Son keep giving me new accounts I keep telling him I wanted my old one back I don’t know what to do I live alone out in the middle of no where one dot on my cell phone I loved facebook I would do not one thing to lose it please can anyone help me get m7y account back

  17. I hired a contractor who was licensed. He gave me a contract. Little did I know that the contract was from an unlicensed company. Let’s say the contractor’s name was XYZ. The contract was between me and XYZ construction. So we he did horrible work and we sued, the Contractor State Licensing Board of California could not help me. How would I know as a consumer that I wasn’t protected? The CSLB would only violate his license for misrepresentation and not poor work. He also did this to another family. I sued and won against the company but spent over $250000 trying to get his insurance to pay the award. The insurance took a year to pay me and did numerous tricks to delay payment. They violated so many bad faith laws. I donthave any more money to pay a lawyer to defend me against the fraudlent contractor or the insurance that covered him. I hope my story will save other families from this nightmare. maltavil@yahoo.com

  18. Nicole Burns says:

    BOy oh boy I would love some insight and help to shine the light on banking companies. Specifically Chase Bank. It has been over 180 days and they have still neglected to care about me getting money stolen out of my account. I have sent in three cases about this with all evidence to only be disappointed days later after being given the run around that my claim has been declined. I realize the money means absolutely nothing to them but as a small business owner that was a huge hit for me and my company. I would really appreciate any insight anyone can give to help be persistent and get my hard earned money back. Hello.nicoleb@gmail.com

  19. i have been badly injuerd by the los angeles dept. of transportation and now in 2018 i till not been able to get the help i need to get my story out the chp will not look into the matters plus i have been out of work since 2010 and lost of ssi income plus soon to lose my civil rights to drive as my license exp. on feb 25 th 2018 i need to get justice and to get my story out thank you JAY I DO HAVE COPYS OF THE CHP REPORT PLUS OTHER LETTERS jaytuna1@yahoo.com

  20. I truly need your help to make sure that Seacliff Healthcare never does this again.

    This Has been sitting on my heart since Wednesday morning and I thought I would share.
    Seacliff Healthcare called my mother on a Wednesday morning around 12:00 a.m. to let her know that my grandfather had passed and somebody needed to come to come down. My mother, in turn, called me and I went down to see cliff Immediately. There was no one there that I could find at 1st. I just decided to walk to my grandfather’s Room and found him face down in his own vomit with his feet hanging off the bed. This is how sea cliff left my grandfather for the family to come into view him. It was the most traumatizing thing that I can imagine and couldn’t imagine anyone else finding their love ones like this. I then walked around for another 15 to 20 minutes trying to find someone to help me make my grandfather looked presentable before my mother and brother showed up. I finally found a lady and I asked her if she could help me but she wasn’t much help because she was so small and had difficulties so I ended up turning over, cleaning him up, and making my grandfather presentable pretty much on my own. That was a very hard thing for me to do and I have nightmares about it every night. When the corner game he also had trouble with my grandfather because he was so small so I and my brother had to pick up my grandfather and put him in the body bag ourselves.

    Do not ever take your family member to sea cliff Healthcare. They will not be treated the way they’re supposed to be treated especially for the money that you pay them.
    Thank you for allowing me to share my story I will also post pictures of how they left Johnny.

  21. Hello,

    I am writing you this letter to see if you could look into a fraud case. My mom and about fifteen other residents at the Buenaventura mobile home park in Ventura feel they were either forced to sign a lease or feel that it was not fully disclosed when they first moved in. This lease allows the mobile home park to not follow the rent control that my mom and the other fifteen residents feel they should be on. The leases allow the park to overcharge these particular residents each month. The Buenaventura mobile home park is a rent control park but they simply refuse to abide by that.
    In 1992 the Supreme Court in the case Yee verses the city of Escondido, California Cal US.519 held that rent control is legal in California. Therefore each tenant has a right to it.
    Rent control elements are defined as following: 1) The space number of the space the tenant is planning to rent. 2) The rent level number. This rent level number is assigned to the space and not to the building on it. For example, my mom is currently at space rent level 35 and pays $798 a month and she should be at (rent level 5) $626. She has been over paying since she moved into the park in 2006.
    Gary Young who also lives in the park has been helping my mother and the fifteen other residents for over a year. He was the one that informed my mom that the park had them on a lease instead of a month-to-month contract, which would be rent control. Gary is a volunteer and he has a lot of knowledge about all of this and he would be willing to speak to you. He has a lot of paperwork and records that show how much each of them has been paying because the park refuses to acknowledge that it is a rent control park. He has also spoken with many of the involved parties and he would like to speak with you so that this story can be heard. Please let me know if you would consider investigating this for my mom and the other fifteen seniors who have been taken advantage of.

    Thank you,

    Hector Gonzales
    (805) 705-2954

  22. Hi
    I need help getting paid from a past job. The company is Senegence International in Foothill Ranch. I was fired in early January and told that if I wanted to get any severance pay I had to sign an agreement to not sue: it turns out that they replaced me with a far younger person. Anyway, the agreement was for $7,000 which I agreed to and signed. After a few days I got a phone call saying that there was a payroll error on my last check and so instead of getting $7,000 I would now get $1,200 severance pay. I was surprised and disappointed. Anyway, 7 weeks later I still have not received anything. I have called and emailed repeatedly most of which go unanswered. Can you please help me get what is owed to me? I feel like they have broken their word and have strung me along.
    (562) 533-0203

  23. Hello, I really need your help to save all consumers from a scam warranty company that services big name furniture stores. I have filed a claim on BBB and sent them an email and Facebook a message to let them know I will cover all platforms to make sure others are not taken advantage of like I was. Yelp has only 30 reviews which all but 2 are negative. Here is my story:

    I purchased a sectional couch in March of 2017. Only 6 months later I noticed the armrest was sagging and was making a creaking noise if you put any pressure on it. I called immediately and filed a claim. When the technician came out, he took pictures of the sagging armrest and also some pictures of some pet damage…that is where it all went downhill. First I never got a call “1 week” after the technician was there like they promised. I had to call and call and call to find out next steps. Well next steps were that my claim was denied because of the pet damage (pet damage of any kind is not covered) then came the painful process of trying to get them to understand I understood that but what about my broken cracked armrest. They had the nerve to tell me that since the claim was for both issues and 1 being pet damage then NOTHING was covered. This makes no sense at all since the pet damage and the cracked armrest are on opposite sides of the couch and NO my cat is not heavy enough to cause the armrest to crack. So now 3 – 4 months after my initial call no resolution. The CSR’s promise that a “supervisor” named “John” will call me back and NEVER EVER did. So here we are 7 months later and they finally decide to replace the couch. Today they brought 1/2 of a couch as a replacement, only the side with the cracked armrest. Common sense tells me…when you put two pieces of a couch together 1 brand new side and 1 side that has been in use for 11 months….they are not going to look the same….but both the Ashley furniture store and GBS are standing by this ridiculous rule that although I purchased 1 couch comprised of 2 pieces if only 1 side is broken that is the only side that gets replaced! I am livid. Ashley furniture store even had the audacity to tell me I could purchase the other side at my cost so the two pieces would match!! This is just not customer service. I will tell everyone I know not to purchase this warranty with GBS and I will continue to spread the word until I am done right by this company!

    My BBB CASE#: 90433878

    All I ask is they replace my whole couch. Please call me 818-309-0113 Customer Service Manager

  24. HELP! I own a condo in Signal Hill, CA. The storm in January came through the roof to the ceiling in the living room and master bedroom. Mold was found so a containment was immediately installed. The ceiling was removed. Then the mold. The homeowners association will NOT pay for repairs inside the unit. The insurance will NOT pay because they feel the HOA was negligent in repairing the roof! I have already paid $6200.00. Can you help me?

  25. Sally Andrew says:

    CBS! We NEED you!!! One of my neighbors lost everything in the Thomas Fire incident. They are elderly citizens who have been taken advantage of. Denise Grinberg ordered a chair from the Ashley Furniture Store in Oxnard. She called them the day after she received the merchandise to let them know she was not satisfied with the product. They sent a technician who gave her a run around and story that they would order new padding for the chair. They put her off another 3 weeks and have been very rude to her so far. They have been telling her they do not have any return policy but their website has a very clear policy laid out.
    If you can help, please contact us!

  26. Ebay is charging people for warranties with square trade on cancelled items or never received items.Then making it impossible to get a refund. As they wanted me to ship the warranty back even provided a label. I never received warranty or and item and they are denying the claim. Please help.

  27. Cathy White says:

    I live in a 140 unit townhouse complex in Orange County and we currently have an HOA board that is about to vote to have stem walls replaced at a proposed cost of >$130,000. when it doesn’t need to be done and at least 80% of the homeowners have voiced their displeasure with the plan. Our board is very badly divided with the majority planning to vote for the wall replacement vs just repairing existing walls at a proposed cost of approx $30,000. At the last board meeting we had 2 management co people there (the account manager and the company owner- to protect her employee (unnecessary but she was there)); 2 attorneys and a security guard who thought that he was there to just answer a few questions but was then instructed to stay to “protect” the board from the potentially “unruly” audience- completely unnecessary and very sad. We need help and don’t know exactly what to do as a community of hard-working, middle class homeowners. This has brought new neighbors together and we have mobilized the best we can. We would love some help!!! Is there anything you can do to help us? Looking on Yelp it has become clear that this story seems to be recurring with this management company.

  28. We are battling the owner of SHUTTERS SHADES AND BLINDS based out of Westlake Village. In October we gave owner TODD SANGSTER $3149.50 as 50% down on plantation shutters for our home. The contract said 5-7 weeks for turn around. Right around Thanksgiving we started to call Todd Sangster for an update on scheduling the installation. We could not reach him by phone because it went to voicemail every time and then said ‘mailbox full.’ He did not return text messages or emails or social network messages. This is when we found other consumers with the same issue on Yelp.

    We have filed a small claims case. We’re waiting for a court date. I have notified all of the entities that take complaints about consumer fraud. I have also started a private Facebook group for other victims so we can discuss avenues to get our money back and get the word out.

    TODD SANGSTER conducts business with a license and seemingly good reviews. The problem is most consumers don’t find out about the bad reviews and fraud until after he has taken their money and disappeared. I have found reviews of him doing this back to 2016.

    Can you help get the word out to warn consumers? There are bad reviews on Yelp, Google reviews, and Angie’s List that you can see.

  29. I bought a Mobile and the Manager of the M H Park I live in is trying to take it away from me illegally. I have the title in my name. You see the Park has been doing this with the elderly for some time now. I really need help, I did have an attorney but after $7000 They did not do anything for me. I need an honest attorney who knows about Mobile Home Laws and sales. I live in Lancaster California.

  30. Ken Steeg says:

    Hi I need some help dealing with Sprint wireless. I switched carriers about 4 weeks ago thinking that sprint would be cheaper and a better service. Boy was I wrong. After signing up I was to be given 4 phones and was only given 3. I was told one was on back order which was the galaxy S8 and it would be 3 to 5 business days. After 10 days of no phone and no calls from the store I went in to see where the phone was. I was told it never came in. At this point I was not happy and also not happy with the coverage Sprint has. So I gave them 2 more days and still no phone and still there coverage service wise was bad. So now I have decided to cancel my service with sprint with in the 14 days because of all the issues. They tell me I have to give them there phones back in order for me not to be in there contract which i had no issues doing that until I found out they no longer had my phones at the store and were unable to give me my phones back. They have told me that it would take up to 3 weeks for me to get my phones back. I still owe on these phones with Verizon but in order for me to port my numbers over I have to have Verizon phones which SPRINT STILL HOLDS as a hostage. And then even after I canceled by service with Sprint they still charged my card for there monthly services which i was told would not happen.

    Can someone please help me get my phones back and expose SPRINT for the lousy company they are???

  31. Robert Tobin says:

    Hi. I don’t see a link whereby I can explain my consumer complaint and get some help with it. Am i missing that link or… ?

  32. This is sad to me to have to write this. My mom is a senior with severe osteoporosis that has caused her to have 6 lower back fractures, a broken pelvic bone (just by getting out of bed), and 2 broken ribs. She is in constant pain. We went to Whittier Medical Supply because we needed to find her a good recliner to help her be comfortable. Julio helped us and was sweet. 3 months in, the chair motor started making a loud noise, we have a 1 year warranty through the store, so the sent out their technician. THEIR technician said we needed to get a new chair. So they sent us a new one. ANOTHER 3 months in, same noise came back. My senior citizen mom called and spoke to the owner of Whittier Medical Supply, John, and he called her a liar and hung up on her. So she called the manufacture and they heard the motor acting up over the phone! But they said we HAD to go through the store for our warranty. 2 weeks later, my mom went to sit in her recliner and as she sat down, it just started going back and she got stuck in her chair. It would not move back into the upright position. She had to yell to a neighbor walking by to lift the chair to help her out. She then called the store to talk to JOHN THE OWNER, and he refused to talk to her. He again said she was lying. I showed up and my poor mother was in tears. She is the sweetest woman and the only thing that gives her relief is her chair. So then I called to talk to John and he refused to talk to me as well. The secretary kept hanging up on me. Finally the manufacturer said that is not right and handled the situation. But we still have a 1 year warranty with the company that they won’t honor. if you look at their yelp page, they have other complaints for the same situation. As people age, they go through so many hardships, companies like this should be supporting those in pain not calling them liars and hanging up on them.They need to honor the warranty!! Please help!

  33. Oreem Cma says:

    I was also kicked out of star bucks in Los Angeles 4 not purchasing any thing. They say free Wi-Fi
    I bring my laptop to use the Wi-Fi. They called the police on me i
    am also African American taytaysdaddy2012@yahoo.com

  34. i need help.. On 2/10/18 I traveled from Phoenix to JFK. I flew with a dog uptop at my feet and checked the aluminum dog crate at the counter as checked baggage. They destroyed my crate beyond repair and hae denied my claim fo replace it. I have pictures…Please help..

  35. In February 2018 I contacted AT&T because the replacement phone I received through my insurance with AT&T was defective. The warranty department sent me a new phone. I used the box and label provided by AT&T and dropped the broken phone off at the post office per instructions. A week later I started getting phone calls (every day) that the defective phone is not received and I will be charged. When I called back, the response from AT&T was either you don’t need to call at&t back, the phone will get there eventually as long as you have a receipt everything will be fine. Or, I couldn’t get through at all. This went on for weeks. The tracking number provided by AT&T was not a valid number and neither AT&T, post office or warranty department was able to track it. 6 weeks later I finally received an email from AT&T that my defective phone was received. By then, I had a $499 charge on my bill for not returning the phone. I started calling AT&T to get a refund. The response was either we will refund the amount in 24 hours, but the amount still hasn’t been refunded. Or, we can’t refund the amount because the phone wasn’t returned in 14 days. Even though I tried to explain that I have a receipt that I dropped the phone off at the post office within 5 days with the label provided by AT&T and after it was dropped off I had no control over the package, I still cannot get a refund. There is a thread online “AT&T warranty return scam”. 3 months later I have spent hours on the phone with AT&T, trips to the store, post office and still no response. Please help get my $499 and the late fees back from AT&T. nataliek@sbcgobal.net

  36. Steven Stein says:

    Our building of 144 owned condo units in a high rise has a bed bug infestation, our association just sent us a letter saying bed bugs are the responsibility of the owner and not the association thought they admit neighbors can get bedbugs from neighbors and suggests if my neighbor has bedbugs is should have my unit exterminated also. We have been told we may not spray or bomb the bugs and we must report our unit so the association and have my unit exterminated and thy will then charge the owner. I got bedbugs when my neighbor died and when they cleaned his unit it was very infested. To me this is a community problem. Dose anyone have any legal advise?

  37. hi my name is Michael c. morgan sr and I have been with allstate car insurance for the last 10 years up until a couple of months ago , I had a accident where I was at fault and I thought that I had accident forgiveness as i am sure thousands of people who have allstate car insurance that live in California think they do as well, and you see all types of allstate commericials everyday even now saying they have accident forgiveness, and good driver bonus checks, well after my only car accident in over 20years, allstate told me that none of the advertisments that I have been seeing on tv apply at all in California!!! and I was blown away, and now the car insurance is so high now I cant afford it , allstate is literly not being honest at all with there consumers, and I know I cant be the only one with this problem, please help me get some justice, my email is mflight03@gmail.com my number is 310-213-0265

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