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  1. The Big Logic says:

    Kate Winslet is a “Mans Woman”, you can tell!

  2. Betsy Jean says:

    Um, every example is either that they got skinnier or not fatter but with better hair. Skinnier=hotter. Sucks but true. Oh, also and a big NOT FAIR that dudes always get better looking with age. Bleh.

    1. David says:

      Angelina didn’t get skinnier she got anorexic…

      1. daisey oliva says:

        i think ur just hating of the natural beauty there is no problem in been skinny or fat

      2. Avrum Halevi says:

        Still a pig though.

    2. Odessa says:

      I think I got it. As they age, they have more money, can afford better stylists, make up products, personal trainers, plastic surgeries, etc.

  3. Charly says:

    Sure Betsy Jean, and the proof that dudes get better is Sean Connery, a BIG forgotten.

  4. SAToday says:

    Angelina wasn’t better young and certainly isn’t better old and skinny. She is my least favorite actress.

  5. no says:

    Every single example looks worse as they aged, except for George Clooney. And whoever things JOlie is hotter now is an idiot. She was never hotter than when she was in Hackers. Young, gorgeous, hot as hell. Then she became a greasy middle aged skeletor.

    1. Ted says:

      I agree ! Angelina is the skankiest looking Ho in Hollywood. She looks like a crack addict !

      1. joe says:

        yes totallY

    2. Avrum Halevi says:

      I agree totally.

  6. Rick says:

    “no”, you are a complete idiot. Angelina has only gotten better with age. Betsy Jean hit the nail on the head. Skinny=Hot. You now even see it with men losing weight and getting in shape. To quote Kate Moss, “no food tastes as good as skinny feels”.

    1. Steph says:

      eh, when you say men are getting in shape that is soooo different than the skinny Kate Moss was talking about (there was no workout involved in that). sure, muscles are attractive, but just plain skinny is not.

  7. trev says:

    this should be titled “stars who look hotter with more money, a personal trainer, and a paid stylist”

  8. Snap! says:

    Is it just be or does it look like Reese had a nose job?

  9. joe says:

    Yikes!! She only looks “Hotter” to her publicist! To the rest of us men(except possibly her husband), she’s lost her sex appeal.

    1. no says:

      Who the hell are you even talking about? The gallery has like 40 photos in it. Mind being more precise than “her”?

  10. baconsandwich says:

    Hotter with Age? Hotter with more money…

    1. Meme says:

      Jealous, Jealous, Jealous all of you!!!

  11. no says:

    * Reese Witherspoon always ugly. Still ugly.
    * Kate Winslet hot five and ten years ago. Certainly LESS hot now.
    * Christina Ricci was always deformed before and has maybe grown into herself a little more, but only really “hot” in the context of “when photographed the right way” to obscure the deformities.
    * Kelly Osbourne used to have a fat man’s face. Still has a fat man’s face.
    * Maria Menounos … I have no clue who the hell that is.
    * Jennifer Lopez was always bland and attractive, but not “hot”, under all that makeup. Definitely worse today.
    * Angelina Jolie was incredibly hot during her “Hacker” years and is far less so, now that she looks like a skeleton covered in beef jerky, rubbed down in grease.
    * Jennifer Anniston has never been hot. She was “late night at the club/bar” attractive when she was younger and is “desperate mom” attractive, today. Definitely not “hot”

    1. Rick says:

      “no” I think you should plant your pic up for all to critique. I have a feeling most would “just say no” to no.

    2. Timberwolf says:

      The guy calling the women above not hot especially Jennifer A. You must be ugliest person in the world to call people who are attractive not hot ect. Thats the only way you would comment that way. I know bwcause I am an expert in human sexual psychology and human behavior. Too bad. Let us see your wife or girlfriend. Oh, I bet you have none.

  12. Heather Sand says:

    I think Angelina has gotten a bad rap, don’t let the apparent block out the real! What is , she donates half her earnings to those in need, she has adopted those in need, most of the roles she takes are those in movies with substance, she seems to have a purpose on this planet which she takes seriously. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is most definitely on the outside, everyone should get over this Jennifer Aniston hangup they hold onto whenever Jolie is mentioned, honestly can you compare the two? They’re not in the same league , Brad knew that immediately!

  13. ikankoi says:

    Blame it on the editor. Most of those pictures are ugly shots.

  14. Monique says:

    Angelina is by far the prettiest, hottest lady out there. Can you name anyone prettier. I think not. AND she is doing noteworthy things with her big money!

  15. K.Walter says:

    Does this whole page seriously have to reload everytime I click next?

    Lay off the stupid slideshows already.

    Not cool, man. Not cool.

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