• BEHIND THE SCENES: Rams Media Day 2018
  1. Rick says:

    The Grim Reaper!

  2. Suzi says:

    I’d say Lawrence Yun. The leader of Realtor.com. See the trends here. http://www.homepricetrend.com

  3. My Friends Trojans Beat the 49ers says:

    Time to move on.

  4. Vero says:

    Don’t replace him!!! Just end the show if he won’t be in it.

  5. 2 1/2 Men Go Bye-Bye says:

    Who cares? The show sucked.

    1. JJ Sandberg says:

      Even the title of the show turned a lot of people off.
      Nobody is so important in any business that he or she cannot be
      If Sheen was replaced, I think the people that enjoyed the show will
      continue to watch. Television, is so bad these days, some people will
      watch anything.. It’s a sad state, but it’s true. Where are the good writers??
      “Hello, out there????”

  6. Monalsa Liz-ardo says:

    Lots of T and A, age-old James Bond formula. Who cares if the show cancels? More shows that respect women please.

  7. bdj says:

    It’s time to move on, enough about Charlie Sheen. It’s a shame that he torpedoed his career, but enough is enough. Please no more of Charlie.

  8. FS says:

    Anybody but little man Piven. He is not funny, a troll and severely untalented.

  9. Shoe says:

    Russell Brand. Tiger blood!

  10. Jocklas Strappus says:

    Women own the airwaves already. More male fantasy shows please.

  11. Elaine says:

    Hey! How about Scott Baio he’s a well known bachelor about the same time as Charlie.

    1. TT says:

      Not a bad choice Elaine, But honestly even though there has been alot of hub bub about John Stamos – I think he would be perfect….He Fits ….

  12. Deb says:

    I want Jeremy Piven! He would be perfect and I would actually watch the show.

    I liked everyone on the show except for Charlie. His antics outside the office made me dislike him so much that I stopped watching the show years ago.

    1. Carolyn Alcarez says:

      One dimensional, and how are you gonna write him in?

  13. bil says:


  14. Jeannie says:

    Rob Lowe is not funny at all!!!! I’m not sure why they would even consider him.

  15. Sugano Svetlana says:

    John Stamos…………….Now there’s Real Eye Candy and He can ACT!

  16. Joe says:

    Enough is enough. Charlie Sheen could be replaced by a cartoon character. He is a big joke.

  17. Kim says:

    Stamos comes in as a cousin or something

  18. PK says:

    Jim Carry will be the right guy.

  19. wheelme says:

    Yes to David Lee Roth!! He’s funny & sexy!

  20. Olgi says:


  21. Olgi says:


  22. drozone69 says:

    Who are they kidding?Charlie is the MAN.The show will flop without him.This is Mr.Levines true intentions of hoping to make more of a profit by replacing a star with a fake version at our expense.Shame on CBS

    1. Charlie says:

      Your right drozone69….Charlie Sheen made the show!

  23. Dan says:

    Jack Black would be a good option.

  24. suzanne vargas-gibson says:

    yes jack black….he certainly has the comedy and the timing,and he seems to me to be a good fit.

  25. John Clark says:

    Charlie Sheen! They could re-hire him with an oral contract! Continue on a show-by-show basis.

  26. citizen says:


  27. Carolyn Alcarez says:

    Show needs a tweek not a tweeker. I have an idea,

  28. truly says:

    I thought John Stamos was being considered but he’s not in the mix?
    BTW: if Crotch grabber Rosie is on the show I won’t be watching again no matter WHO replaces Sheen.

  29. michelle says:

    Lets get Charlie, Alec Baldwin and Mel Gibson together for a show, and call it Celebrity losers.

  30. Samantha says:

    if Piven replaces Sheen I wont watch. He is gag material. if anythinng ,Stamos all the way!!!!

  31. Samantha says:

    although I doubt the show will last without Sheen…

  32. Annette says:

    Rob Lowe would be fantastic!

  33. Christina says:

    NO NO NO to John Stamos from Full House? he’s to wholesome.
    We need a bad boy image with good looks “Rob Lowe”.
    I’ve watch every episode of 2 1/2 men
    and would definitely discontinue with John.

  34. Tebo says:

    How about Tiger Woods!!!!

  35. AC says:

    The show IS Charlie Sheen –period. Warner Bros has lots of money…but they are the losers! This is not about Charlie Sheen not “doing his job” which he had no problem with, his “personal” life is his personal life…this is about the public trying to run his life…this is about Charlie Sheen badmouthing his Jewish producers and feeling the wrath of it.

  36. drozone69 says:

    He never ever badmouthed anyone or anything.He simply refered to another man by his true name,That is punishable under Talmud law for a naive Goy to mention.

  37. johnny7 says:

    I may have the answer to your problem. get back to me..

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