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1 Washington Capitals Washington Capitals 1-0
Impossible to fairly judge the Caps based on one game, but hey, it was a win. They stay on top for now.
2 Tampa Bay Lightning Tampa Bay Lightning 3-0
▲ 1
It's been an undeniably great start to the year for the Lightning, but it's going to take more than beating the Flyers, Sabres and Bruins to prove their mettle this year.
3 New York Rangers New York Rangers 3-0
▲ 2
Impressive start for the Rangers. First they beat the defending Cup champs in their own building, then a tough Columbus team on back-to-back nights. Thanks mostly to the Swedes - Henrik Lundqvist and Oscar Lindberg, the latter of whom looks to be the real deal early.
4 Chicago Blackhawks Chicago Blackhawks 2-1
The Blackhawks are a questionable call away from earning points in all three of their games so far this year. If Patrick Kane is distracted, it hasn't shown on the ice thus far. That's 6 points (3 goals, 3 assists) in three games. Not bad at all.
5 Montreal Canadiens Montreal Canadiens 3-0
▲ 3
Sure, they're 3-0, but this week will be a real test for this team. Their next four opponents, in order, at Penguins and home against the Rangers, Red Wings and Blues. We'll know just how good they are after those games.
6 Nashville Predators Nashville Predators 2-0
▲ 4
Pekka Rinne has only let up one goal in two starts and the Predators look poised to start their season hot yet again.
7 Anaheim Ducks Anaheim Ducks 0-1-1
▼ 5
The Ducks are hoping to grab their first week of the season on an early three-game road trip this week.
8 Minnesota Wild Minnesota Wild 2-0
▲ 4
It wasn't necessarily pretty in St. Louis, but the Wild got the job done against the Blues. Devan Dubnyk is showing signs of retaining last year's form, which is a great sign for the Wild.
9 St. Louis Blues St. Louis Blues 1-1
▼ 2
The Blues might have outplayed the Wild on Saturday, but the final result didn't show it. But Vladimir Tarasenko showed why he's one of the best in the business with a goal and an assist.
10 Dallas Stars Dallas Stars 1-1
▲ 1
Antti Niemi started the show in goal, but 6 goals allowed against the Avs have paved the way for Kari Lehtonen's first go in net. Their goalie situation might leave something to be desired all year long, but their scoring prowess might mask it. For how long? We'll find out.
11 New York Islanders New York Islanders 1-1-1
▲ 4
The Islanders have taken over Brooklyn and got the party started with a John Tavares goal. There will be many more goals from him and many more Isles wins at the Barclay's Center this season.
12 Winnipeg Jets Winnipeg Jets 2-1
▲ 6
The Jets overpowered two weak opponents in the Bruins and the Devils, but their hard-nosed play didn't take in Brooklyn against the Islanders. They struggled against quality opponents last year and that could be a theme once again. That and Dustin Byfuglien making enemies in the league office early and often.
13 Pittsburgh Penguins Pittsburgh Penguins 0-2
▼ 7
The bad news is the Penguins have only scored one goal so far this season. The good news is that Phil Kessel scored it, and hopefully that's a sign of things to come.
14 Calgary Flames Calgary Flames 1-1
Give the Flame credit for rebounding after getting throttled by the Canucks on opening night. They still have a long way to go towards proving last year wasn't a fluke.
15 Ottawa Senators Ottawa Senators 2-1
▲ 1
Exacting revenge on the Canadiens would have been sweet, but still a productive start to the season for the Sens. Kyle Turris has been incredible and looks ready to build on last year's campaign.
16 Detroit Red Wings Detroit Red Wings 2-0
▲ 3
Admit it Red Wings fans, that win felt mighty good over Babcock and Co. A nice start to the Jeff Blashill era can turn into a really nice start quickly if they can steal one on the road at Tampa Bay this week.
17 San Jose Sharks San Jose Sharks 2-0
▲ 3
A change of pace might just be what this team needed all along. Sure, it's early and all, but those were two statement wins over the Ducks and Kings, the class of the Pacific Division for the last few years.
18 Columbus Blue Jackets Columbus Blue Jackets 0-3
▼ 9
Absolutely hideous start for the Blue Jackets. They let one slip against the Rangers and got blown out by them the next night, coming unglued in the process. It's too early to get too worried about this team, but they need to put one in the win column badly this week.
19 Los Angeles Kings Los Angeles Kings 0-2
▼ 6
Yikes. Nightmare start for the Kings. Getting blown out is never fun, but getting beaten down by division rivals that are expected to be towards the bottom of the standings is even worse.
20 Florida Panthers Florida Panthers 1-1
▼ 3
You can't really be more Jekyll and Hyde than the Panthers through two games. A 7-1 win over the Flyers and then a 1-0 defeat to them nights later makes it hard to judge them.
21 Vancouver Canucks Vancouver Canucks 2-0-1
▲ 2
The Canucks have been a nice surprise to start the year. Gaining points both nights against the Flames was big, but beating the Ducks was a statement that they're not to be taken as lightly as we all thought the should be.
22 Buffalo Sabres Buffalo Sabres 1-2
▼ 1
We see you, Jack Eichel. This statement shouldn't come as a shock to anyone, but this kid can play. Starting goalie Robin Lehner is out 6-10 weeks, making this a vital stretch for the Sabres if they want to be in the playoff conversation early next year.
23 Philadelphia Flyers Philadelphia Flyers 1-1-1
▲ 1
A player's only meeting after the second game of the season and a potential brewing goalie crisis. Not exactly an ideal start to the year for the Flyers. At least Michael Neuvirth helped stop the bleeding with a shutout 1-0 victory over the Panthers. Much needed win for this team.
24 Colorado Avalanche Colorado Avalanche 1-1
▲ 2
Their quest to prove that last year was the aberration and 2013-14 was the real Avalanche started out well. Semyon Varlamov will have to be better in net if they're to keep it up.
25 Arizona Coyotes Arizona Coyotes 2-0
▲ 3
What a pleasant surprise the Coyote's first two games of the season have been. I think everyone has their doubts regarding how long they can keep this up, but coach Dave Tippet has proven that he's one of the best in the business. Maybe he can keep the magic going in the desert.
26 Edmonton Oilers Edmonton Oilers 0-2
▼ 1
Connor McDavid has been above average, but to the casual fan the score reads Jack Eichel - 2, McDavid - 0 at the moment. More importantly for the Oilers though is getting a win. The good news is Cam Talbot appears right at home as a No. 1 goalie in this league.
27 Toronto Maple Leafs Toronto Maple Leafs 0-2-1
Not exactly a nice homecoming for Mike Babcock in Detroit this past weekend. Still, his team rallied from 3-0 against the Senators their next time out and snagged a point, which at least proves they're playing hard for the new bench boss.
28 Boston Bruins Boston Bruins 0-3
▼ 6
Things are going from bad to worse quickly in Boston. Brad Marchand is out for the foreseeable future, Zdeno Chara is the subject of trade rumors, and the Bruins weren't even close in their first three games. Looks like a complete rebuilding year might be in order in Boston.
29 New Jersey Devils New Jersey Devils 0-2
This team is clearly a work in progress, and it might take them the better part of the year to have anything to show for it.
30 Carolina Hurricanes Carolina Hurricanes 0-2
The Hurricanes, unfortunately for fans in Raleigh, are who we thought they were. Still, they played close games against two teams that might prove to be class in the Western Conference, so maybe they won't be THAT terrible.


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