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Money 101 with Bob McCormick

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Money 101: Gratuity Guidelines

When, where and how much should you tip? Bob McCormick opens the phone lines for some answers.



Money 101: Planning To Party?

Laurel Szeto of “Laurel & Party” guides you through wedding and party planning.


mortgage lending home sales

Money 101: Mortgage Q&A

Our mortgage expert Jeff Lazerson of answers your burning questions.


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Money 101: Moms Going Back To Work

Marcia Brandwynne, co-host of “Advice for Life” on the Live Well Network helps guide stay-at-home moms on how to get back into the workplace.


Identity Theft

Money 101: Social Security Reform

Veronica Diaz of the Social Security Administration talks about issues facing those actively in the system.


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Money 101: Cheap Summer Flights

Hoping to fly for cheap this summer? Tom Parsons of shares tips to get the most flight for your buck.


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Money 101: Best Rewards Cards

Curtis Arnold of talks about ways to get the best rewards cards.


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Money 101: Day-To-Day Personal Safety

How can you feel more safe and secure in your daily life? Aaron Cohen of IMS CT School / Security 360 has some pointers.


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Money 101: Housing Market Mojo

Two real estate experts help you to get a better handle on the nuances of the housing market.


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Money 101: Renter Disputes

Renters vs. landlords: it’s a never-ending battle. Ryan Minniear of the California Apartment Association & Larry Gross of the Coalition for Economic Survival discuss the struggle each side faces.


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Money 101: The Price Of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Anthony Youn and Alan Eisenstock talk plastic surgery and what you need to know before you go under the knife.


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Money 101: ‘Coffee Bean’ Green

Mel Elias, CEO & President of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, shares why his product is the one to beat in Southern California.


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Money 101: Fight Your Parking Ticket

Bruce Gillman, the Director of Public Information for LADOT says there’s two keys to fighting your parking ticket successfully: do your homework and don’t be confrontational.


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Money 101: Fighting Foreclosure

Steven Spears, Executive Director of the California Housing Finance Agency, gives some tips on how to keep your home from foreclosure.


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Money 101: How To Talk To The IRS

Andrea Coombs of and CPA Gregg Wind discuss tips for how to talk to the IRS so they will listen.