Love Week, Day 5: Giving Singles HopeDr. Emily Morse shows you how two recently divorced people were able to find love yet again using the internet.
Love Week, Day 4: Helping Rekindle Your RelationshipDr. Emily Morse gives advice on how to rekindle your relationship and prevent your partner from cheating.
Love Week, Day 3: Finding Love In The Real WorldLove Dr. Emily Morse give you tips on how you can find love by going out into the real world.
Love Week, Day 2: Dating Apps
Love Week, Day 1: Online Dating
Lisa Sigell's Health Watch: Resolution Revolution (1/8/16)More info on Lisa Sigell's Health Watch (1/8/16)
How Body Sensors Are Tested
New Salon In Brentwood Could Save Women Big Bucks In Hair CareThe brand-new Base Color Bar in Brentwood is the creation of master hair colorist Haleh Lekkos, where patrons pay $49 to get their base colored.
Resolution Revolution: Find Your 5 Foods To Lose WeightIf you want to drop the pounds and diets haven’t worked, you might want to take a leaf out of Kyle Wong’s book. He found five healthful foods that he turns to and has lost the weight.
Woman Takes Her Excruciating Pain Diagnosis And Finds Ways To Help Others"She's an angel walking on Earth," said Diana Puig.
Santa Monica Mother Learns Of Unexpected Cause Of Her CavitiesDry mouth affects millions, causing constant thirst, cracked lips, and bad breath. But for one Santa Monica woman, it was also the root cause of tooth decay
Celebrities Join Movement To Raise Awareness Of Symptoms Of Type 1 DiabetesA campaign aimed at raising awareness of diabetes has gained traction online with many, including celebrities, participating.

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