SANTA ANA (CBSLA) — An RV in Santa Ana that was the site of a standoff just two days ago has burned down.

The fire was reported just before 9 a.m. Thursday, and the woman who barricaded herself in the RV just days ago was spotted running out naked.

Police were called out to an RV at Dyer Road and Pullman Street Tuesday afternoon when a passersby spotted the woman running naked up and down the street.

Officers arriving on the scene saw her holding a knife, and during the standoff, she tossed several items on the street.

Police backed off the standoff because she had permission from the owner of the RV to be there.

The woman had been hospitalized recently for mental health issues and stopped taking her medication, police said.

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  1. So when this all went down the other day, the guy who owns the trailer in front of the RV was helping out the guy who owned the RV. The guy who owns the trailer, leaves for work in the morning and leaves it there every day. Today, after the fire, the trailer didn’t appear to be damaged but they were towing HIS HOME away without him present. You want to know why people end up on the Santa Ana riverbed? – THIS IS WHY! I can tell you -from deep personal experience- that this gentlemen lived in his truck and each night would collect cardboard to stay alive. He then started showing up with a work shirt with a name tag which seemed to indicate he got a job. I didn’t see him for a few months but then he showed up again – BUT this time he had apparently worked enough at this job to buy himself a HOME. So now, being homeless, after all his hard work and just days AFTER HE HELPED THE GUY WHO OWNED THE RV WHICH IS NOW GONE his HOME is being stolen. I hope someone see this post and understands. Help anyone you see or hear that is homeless.

    1. Update: Went back by and the tow truck had left the guys trailer. Angels out there somewhere.

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