SAN CLEMENTE ( — In these troubled times, a comedian from San Clemente is convinced we need more Paul Walker in our lives.

In an ongoing quest to honor the late actor, Tom Allen made an impassioned plea to the San Clemente City Council at their meeting Tuesday night – help them unite the country by carving Walker’s face in the cliffs of San Clemente.

“Unfortunately division in our country has gotten worse since we last spoke,” Allen said, referring to his last appearance before the San Clemente City Council, during which he proposed a 12-foot-tall steel statue of the actor. “The division made me bummed and I was worried I was going to stay bummed. What little bit of stoke I had in me made me watch the first drag race from ‘The Fast and the Furious’ and my stoke meter filled right back up.”

A board with the image of Walker’s face superimposed over a picture of the San Clemente cliffs was presented to the council, amid laughter and some applause.

“One of the Dakotas has Mount Rushmore, we could have Mount Paul Walker,” said J.T. Parr, who had tried to donate his public comment time to Allen before jumping into the presentation. “We really feel he could be a uniting force for the community.”

The pair, who maintained straight faces during their remarks, also showed off an image of the San Clemente cliffs with Paul Walker’s face, along with the faces of three members of the council.

Allen, who made the plea in character as his alter ego Chad Kroeger, said Councilman Tim Brown’s decision to create a one-foot statue prompted them to return to the council with the more audacious proposal.

“We are huge fans,” Allen said. “We’re obviously playing characters. The dialogue is supposed to be comedic, but it comes from a real place.”

Allen said he is fairly sure the council is aware that he is a comedian.

“They really enjoy us, which is cool,” he said. “They’re not annoyed – they were all sort of smiling, all the people [in the audience] there, too.”

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