LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com)  —    Betty True is a life-long Dodgers fan but had never been to a home game until last month.

On her first trip to Chavez Ravine, the Arizona resident and great-grandmother made herself a viral video sensation when the in-stadium camera caught her cavorting and dancing at her seat.

While working up the crowd, 85-year-old True — since dubbed “The Rally Granny ” — even briefly flashed the crowd (she had a bra on.)

On Wednesday, KCAL 9’s Peter Daut spoke to True via Skype to talk about her newfound celebrity.

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Daut reported True had no problem speaking her mind or raising her shirt.

And why did she flash?

“Just because I wanted to,” she said, matter-of-fact.

The July 8th game against the Royals was her first. The Dodgers were down in the 7th inning, 4-3.

True took the concept of the 7th inning stretch a bit figuratively and she just started dancing.

She said she wanted to shake things up.

“They were enjoying my dancing,” True said, “and they egged me on. So I provided for them. They’re just lucky I was wearing a bra.”

The Dodgers came from behind to win the game.

Rally Granny has since become a good luck charm for players and fans.

“I will be going to more games,” said True, “If I can afford it.”

She adds, a quip. “I’ll have to do some more pole dancing to earn the money.”

And what of those people who thought her behavior was unbecoming a grandmother, let alone a great-grandmother?

“Some people on their (internet) comments (said) that I would probably go to Hell,” True said, “but if I go to Hell it’s going to be for something worse than that.”

Since True pulled up her shirt and gave the crowd a lift, the Dodgers have gone 20-3.  So maybe she really was good luck for them.

And Daut reports, there is already Rally Granny merchandise.




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