LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) —  There is a big push for Los Angeles to become a “sanctuary city.”

On Saturday, Councilman Jose Huizar hosted the LAPD Unity Forum at San Pasqual Park in Highland Park.

Advocates insist that LA is not a sanctuary city right now but want an ordinance to establish that.

They contend that it will make the city safer because immigrants will feel more comfortable working with law enforcement.

“There is a push for a strong sanctuary ordinance that will draw a bright line between what ICE does and what the police does,” said Tessie Borden of Indivisible Highland Park.

The group, Indivisible Highland Park, says they are working with several city council-members to come up with a sanctuary city ordinance.

Critics call the plans a threat to public safety.

“Sanctuary cities” are those have policies in place that shelter immigrants without documentation.

Comments (5)
  1. Is there any push to protect citizens from criminals, legal or ILLEGAL? or is it ” I’m just gonna follow the laws I like?

  2. If the locals are going to pass an ordinance allowing us to thumb our noses at federal law, could another be to not pay federal taxes? Illegals deserve a break and so do taxpayers. while we’re at it, pass another ordinance abolishing the state sales tax. it’s way too high.

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