RICHMOND, B.C. ( — A clip has gone viral after capturing a little girl being dragged by a sea lion from a dock and into the water in Canada.

The incident, according to the wire service, unfolded Saturday in Richmond, British Columbia.

In the clip, the little girl is seen sitting on the dock.

Moments later, she’s unexpectedly pulled into the water by the sea lion.

The crowd yelled, and a man jumped into the water to rescue the child.

Peter Wallerstein rescues distressed marine animals in the L.A. area and reacted to the video.

“That was a big sea lion that grabbed that girl into the water. They’re unpredictable and have a wild streak,” Wallerstein said.

No matter where you are along the Southern California coast, there are sea lions there. They’re cute, but they can be very dangerous.

“They’re aggressive. You’ve gotta respect them. They’re mean, they’re tough,” Redondo Beach fisherman Scott Gilmartin said.

The girl appeared unharmed.

The video, according to AP, was taken by Michael Fujiwara.

It has been posted to YouTube where it has been viewed more than 800,000 times in less than 24 hours.

Comments (6)
  1. ummmm it lunged at her when she was facing it…. was that not enough warning that the sea lion was not thrilled with her being there?? silly parents

  2. Nan Allen says:

    I don’t know if it was out to hurt her….tho I agree. Silly parents! If you look at the sea lions face in between going up to her, which didn’t look at all like it was after her, and the time it grabbed her, it looks like it was smiling. It almost seems as tho it liked her and wanted her to play. Just my opinion after looking at it and freeze framing it a few times.

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